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How to hire a Professional Office Cleaning Company…

So you just opened your first commercial office space and as part of the many responsibilities you have acquired you have to hire a professional cleaning service to maintain your facility in an efficient and economical way. Office cleanliness is imperative to your success as a business as it not only reflects on your image but also influences your employees and your clients’ health and safety. Finding the right professional cleaning service is important.
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There are a number of things that you should keep in mind as you begin your search. You must determine what cleaning solution best fits the needs of your office.  There are many janitorial and cleaning services available on the market so your choices are plentiful. Locate those nearby and make a list of possible companies to research. Asking other businesses nearby is a source of information that could be helpful as you search. Once you narrow your list make sure your possible office cleaning candidates have the certifications and insurance to perform the necessary tasks required for your office and facility.

In narrowing your search you must learn all you can about the products, training, procedures used and efficiency of your potential cleaning company. If it is a value to your business you might ask if they are involved in green cleaning. Are they aware of all the office cleaning servicesrequirements involved in this type of cleaning? It is also important to find out how committed they are to good communication, how accessible are they and will they work with you to make decisions that best serve your office or business.

Finally, look for feedback and comments from previous customers. Follow through and check references and that will tell you more about a company than anything else. Choosing a commercial cleaning company can be tedious and time consuming but it is worthwhile to find a company that perform above and beyond your expectations so you can build a long term relationship that will contribute to your success as a business.

restaurant cleaningGator Cleaning Solutions has been providing professional office cleaning services for nearly 15 years and has a reputation for great quality and excellent customer service.  We are a family owned and operated company in the Tampa Bay area and work hard to ensure our office cleaning services are top notch.  Give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call to schedule a free janitorial quote at 813-929-1122.

We are happy to provide professional references, proof of insurance and bonding upon request!

Office Cleaning Simplified

Everyone agrees that facility and office managers are dealing with more complexities and responsibilities than ever before but the good news is challenges drive innovation and theoffice cleaning tampa commercial cleaning industry has working hard to respond to the changing needs of facilities and facility managers. Smart office cleaning is one of these innovations. The goal of Smart office cleaning is to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency wherever possible.

Smart office cleaning is an approach that calls for a great deal of thought, customization, innovation and commitment from your team.  Following a specific process you will identify the essential services needed and prioritize those that are the most important. Communication with the client is imperative to this process. You must determine with the office or facility manager the following questions:

  •                 What better or more efficient ways might there be to complete those thing  that are necessary?
  •                 What are we doing currently and does it make sense given our needs?
  •                 What tasks are we performing that might be unnecessary?
  •                 Where are the areas we might get by with less?

When these questions are answered a specialized plan can be put in place and all the stakeholders will be a part of expediting the plan. Smart office cleaning is not about doing less, it’s about a strategic shift in services that eliminates redundancies and spreads the work out and maximizes your cleaning budget. Communication is key for this to be office cleaning tampasuccessful for the long term for your business. What makes Smart office cleaning different from other systems is it uncovers inefficiencies and creates efficiencies. The goal is to find better ways to do more work with fewer resources. Smart cleaning requires your cleaning company to invest in products, equipment, and training and in all this utilizing best practices.

Gator Cleaning Solutions offers customized smart cleaning services to our clients to ensure customer satisfaction and quality cleaning services.  We work hard to be part of a team that keeps the facilities clean and healthy and look forward to working with new clients to show them how easy is can be.  If your interested in a commercial cleaning quote please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at 813-929-1122.

Medical Cleaning- Keeping People Healthy

We all know how critical it is to maintain clean medical facilities but our understanding of what that means bears some further discussion. There is clean and there is a more intensemedical office  cleaning tampa deep cleaning that is required in any medical facility. Keeping staff and patients healthy is a primary goal of any office manager or medical technician and the best way to accomplish this goal is by hiring a professional cleaning service.

A thorough cleaning for a medical facility accomplishes two goals, the first is aesthetic in creating an inviting atmosphere that makes patients feel safe and at ease. The second, and more importantly, is to ensure that the workspace is properly sanitized and disinfected. This is key to protecting everyone from healthcare-related illnesses that can lead to life threating medical problems.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1 out of every 20 visitors to a medical facility will contract a healthcare-associated illness which leads to thousands of dollars in treatments. Medical facilities require detailed attention to specialized equipment rooms, labs and diagnostic testing areas. You need an experienced, well trained cleaning crew that knows how to use proper cleaners and disinfectants to prevent exposure to pathogens that could spread illnesses. There can be no shortcuts in this process.

Special areas of attention include:

Sanitizing all surfaces

Disinfecting with appropriate cleaning products in rooms where procedures are performedmedical office cleaning tampa

Compliance with regulations like OSHA, HIPPA and others

Use odor free cleaners to ensure comfort of patient and staff

Floor care and windows need to be properly treated because of any germs or bacteria

Restrooms require special care.

Focus on details and hold your cleaning service to high standards. At Gator Cleaning Solutions we have a highly effective, experienced cleaning crew using the most up-to-date procedures and products on the market. We know how important maintaining the very cleanest environment possible for your medical facility and we strive for excellence every time we serve you.

Give Gator Cleaning Solutions at        813-929-1122 for a free estimate!!

Office Cleaning ….No Place for Beginners

In a commercial setting there is too much at stake when it comes to safety, health, effectiveness and compliance to rules and regulations to turn over your business to office cleaning tampabeginners in the cleaning industry. Whether you operate an office, a school, a medical facility or an industrial setting, only a professional commercial cleaning with experience can be depended on to consistently deliver the quality result you are expecting.

To handle the multifaceted demands of commercial cleaning you must have a professional team to implement innovating up-to-date cleaning systems, meeting cost efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing performances. This requires professionalism, thoughtfulness in the processes, and compliance to best practices within the industry.

If your office is showing signs of shoddy cleaning the most obvious result would be the loss of customers or clients. Your success depends in many cases on first impressions. A good commercial cleaning tampaoffice cleaning company knows how important your image is in order to attract and maintain your customer and client base. There are many things in business that you can’t control but maintaining a healthy, clean office space isn’t one of them. Well maintained offices and expert commercial office cleaning are about more than just superficial cleaning. A clean and healthy office environment will lead to successful, positive business outcomes that translates to satisfied customers, engaged employees and a better bottom line.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been serving the Tampa Bay area for more then 14 years and is award winning for consistent results and a high level of customer service.  For your free estimate please give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call at 813-929-1122.

Keeping Clean = Increased Productivity

One of the greatest contributors to business success is environment. It impacts every component in very subtle and not so subtle ways. If an office is dirty, it tells employees and clients that no one cares and after a short time the staff will follow suoffice cleaning tampait.  You will routinely see clutter begin to be more common, important papers will be hard to locate and eventually workers will have less and less concern over their own spaces and common spaces as well. This will strongly effect the ultimate success of your business and the overall satisfaction of your employees.

Research tells us that companies that employ a professional commercial cleaning company for their office cleaning are able to achieve a much more successful outcome across the board. Office morale is much better leading to more productivity as it encourages workers to become more organized in their own personal work spaces. This will increase positive gains in sales and customer service.

Another reason to contract a professional commercial office cleaning service is because a office cleaning tampacarefully maintained work area greatly improves employee retention. Having a messy or dirty office space can add stress which can become burdensome for your workers. In addition, top performing employees demand a measure of excellence in their work environment. If you fail to meet these standards you will begin to see your best workers leave. If you have a well-organized, clean, orderly office you will see employees stress level lower and productivity. To get your free Office Cleaning quote give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call at 813-929-1122.

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