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Maintaining your Floors Part 2

In part two of the blog determining your  floor choices we will look at Laminate and Linoleum as possibilities for floor coverings and what they have to offer.


Laminate can be a cost effective option for commercial spaces. Laminate is durable, easy to install and is priced less than wood flooring and also requires less maintenance. floor cleaning tampaAccording to the World Floor Covering Association laminate contains melamine resin and aluminum oxide that help it resist gouges and stains and that adds to its life expectancy. Laminate can last 5 to 10 years if it is maintained correctly but installation is key to how well it ages.

Laminate installation methods can be different and there is always a concern that floors leave a space underneath and moisture can get in under it and could cause the floor to eventually discolor. Cleaning companies will need to work with the client to understand how to clean laminate correctly which means includes using water sparingly. You must use water but keep it from penetrating into the gaps. Once laminate floors are scratched or damaged they may need to be replaced because there is no way to correct damage to laminate floors as you can’t sand down and refinish laminate.


Linoleum is a durable material and may be a good choice for a commercial building. Linoleum is an all-natural, water resistant surface that is easy to clean. Having a schedule for periodic polishing or spray buffing will help to extend the floors life and appearance. Unfortunately, most commercial owners don’t do maintenance on a regular basis. Deep cleaning may require coating the floor with stripping solution, scrubbing it with machine and removing the stripping solution with a wet vacuum or mop before rinsing with clean water.

Office cleaning tampaCommercial floors may also require a yearly wax treatment depending on the condition of the floor and how much shine the client wants. The floors need to be stripped down to the original surface and three to five layers of wax are applied. If the floor isn’t stripped, new wax is just being put over old wax and will cause the floor to be discolored. If, however, the floor is properly maintained it is very resilient.

Linoleum is very economical whether you have a showroom, medical office or a school because maintenance will prolong the life of the floor.  Whereas carpet has to be cleaned a few times each year and eventually has to be torn out and replaced, Linoleum floors can last 50 or 60 years.

Doing your research will help you to zero in on your individual needs and make educated choices on the best flooring for your business. Each type of floor has advantages and disadvantages and if you consult your professional commercial cleaning company, together you can make the very best choice for your facility and business.

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Keeping up with your Floor Care Maintenance Part 1

If your business or office has an outdated floor due to wear and tear and can no longer be sufficiently cleaned it may be time to look at alternatives available in today’s market. Gator Cleaning Solutions correctly prices new job bids and avoids underestimating the materials you need.  It is important to have an understanding of commercial flooring materials and how those materials age. In addition, it will be beneficial to know how to keep your new floors from aging prematurely as well as the required maintenance that will be needed. Gator Cleaning Solutions understands what treatments will best restore a floor to avoid promising impossible results to new and existing clients. In this two part blog find out what special services are necessary to help keep carpet, wood, laminate and linoleum in great shape as they age and experience wear and tear. With this information you can make an educated decision about which floors offer the best possibility for your business.


Like all flooring, the life cycle of carpet is determined by the environment it is in.  Carpet in high-traffic areas and entryways will age faster but with the proper care can usually have acommercial carpet cleaning useable life span of 10 or more years, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) a nonprofit carpet industry trade group. With carpet it will be necessary to do deep cleaning routinely, depending on what type of environment your facility is, for example a restaurant will need deep cleaning once a month where as a dentist’s office or doctor’s office may only need deep cleaning once a year. Whether your carpet will require monthly or yearly, deep cleaning is the key to keeping carpets looking good and prolonging their viability. Your cleaning company will want to stay ahead of any problems especially in high traffic areas to prevent permanent traffic lanes or fading. If you begin to see soil levels build up, you’ve waited too long.

Carpet treatments can vary quite a bit based of the material the carpet is made of from simple shampooing to using dry foam or a combination of products and methods. It is generally recommended using a hot water extraction process with a mild detergent or crystal clear carbonation solution. The idea is to remove the soil with a water based cleaning solution often after pre-conditioners are used  to soften up dirt. With this particular method, dirt is extracted using a rotating power device. The most important thing is to avoid leaving any residue on the carpet which will create a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. If clients are resistant to paying for regular cleaning treatments they may be open to treating certain parts of the carpet. If this is the client’s choice and regular maintenance workers spot-treat carpet in between deep cleanings, it is important to rinse the area thoroughly to avoid leaving a soapy residue which can cause area to become discolored.


Wood flooring can have an exceptional lifespan sometimes as long as 100 years or older according to Builder magazine. It is a very good choice for high traffic areas and requires regular sweeping, mopping and other cleaning methods. In addition, it needs to routinely undergo more intense procedures including refinishing and stripping when regular cleaning won’t restore its luster.

hardwood cleaningClients with wood floors usually redo the process every few years as sealers usually last more than a year but when it does become clear that it is time to refinish the floors, cleaning companies must be careful to approach the process very carefully. You must ensure the floor is dust and debris free after properly prepping it. If that is not done, the floor could be left with dimples when it dries and the job will have to be redone. If the floor is not prepped and the finish applied correctly it will need to be entirely redone. It is best to hire a professional company with experience in flooring to do this task when it needs to be done.

If scratches, nicks or other damage is done to the wood, it will need to be sanded down and refinished but with grime or other residue all you will need is a machine to clean and polish and remove scuffs and other marks. It will not be necessary to replace the whole floor for some small imperfections.

This all makes wood floors a truly great choice for clients that are looking for long term durability and easy maintenance .

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Smarter Office Cleaning Programs

In the industry of Professional Commercial Cleaning it is paramount to success that a company cleans not just hard but smart. Cleaning smart gives you a consistent level of office cleaning service tampaclean while saving you time, money and unnecessary stress. Office cleaning professionals are continuously searching for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs but with increasing labor costs and the ongoing pressure to do more for less, this can be a huge challenge. The following six steps can be applied to help your company build a more comprehensive cleaning program and will help you save money and time in the years ahead.

  1. Clean in zones. By creating specific zones to clean with specific tools and products which have been assigned you can prevent cross-contamination and you will promote a better level of cleaning. This will provide an easier system that takes the guesswork out of the equation by limiting mistakes and making it unnecessary to re-clean an area.
  2. Cleaning the cleaning tools. Cleaning products should always be properly maintained to ensure they last longer and that they are properly effective. If tools are not routinely cleaned they will only push dirt around which will waste time and effectively cost money in the end. Be sure mops and wipes are clean and fresh. Train your workers how to effectively clean tools, don’t assume that they know how to do this especially if they are new to your company. Provide ongoing training as they need it and do periodic checks to ensure this is being done.
  3. Develop a schedule for deep cleaning floors. While daily floor cleaning is critical to the cleaning of any given facility, integration of a deep cleaning program will restore your floor to their original condition and extend the life of floor. In addition, with a regular deep cleaning you will make the day to day cleaning easier and save time as well. Initiating this deep cleaning regularly will have the added benefit of helping to delay the need for replacing floors.
  4. Use a matting system to protect floors. Help save your facility time and money by putting a matting system at all entrances and high traffic areas to reduce thefacility cleaning tampa amount of dirt and wear-and-tear on your floors and carpets. This also protects your customers and workers from falls and accidents due to slippery floors in inclement weather.
  5. Consider using dilution control systems. Chemical dispensing systems are ideal for saving time, as much as 1.5 hours per week. This is because of their hassle-free design and one step cleaning processes. This eliminates time spent searching for, restocking and storing bulk cleaning chemicals.
  6. Switch to microfiber. Microfiber cleaning tools provide superior cleaning effectiveness and do a better job preventing infections and bacteria to spread and cross-contaminate. Micro fiber products are proven to remove 99.9% of microbes and 80% more dust and dirt than traditional mops.

When you have the correct tools, chemicals and training in place you are better positioned to provide a consistent level of clean for your clients that only improves over time.  In this way you are cleaning smart not just hard.  Gator Cleaning Solutions is continuously researching and addressing issues of efficiency to provide the best possible clean for clients while keeping the quality of the clean at the highest possible level!

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Keeping your Office Clean and Healthy

There is no more serious concern in the professional commercial cleaning business thanmedical office cleaning tampa cross contamination and one of the ways the industry is fighting this important battle is by implementing color-coded cleaning systems. In hospitals, restaurants, schools and offices sickness can spread rapidly through cross contamination. If a janitor, cleaning staff member or custodian touches something that has been infected or contaminated and then uses a cloth or mop and transfers it to another surface untold negative results can occur. Gator Cleaning Solutions has been using a color coded cleaning system for years to help partner with our customers in avoiding cross contamination in facility cleaning.

Colored wipes and tools can reduce this problem dramatically and prevent contagions. An example of this is although restrooms represent only 5% of a buildings space, they house over 80% of the germs in any given location.  You don’t want to mop a floor in a room where patients have been treated and then use that same mop to clean a bathroom floor or a workroom. It is expected that workers clean their tools properly and then put them away but that doesn’t always happen the way it should. You need to be assured that people are doing the right thing and color coding helps with this consistency.

office cleaningThe most important facility where this is beyond critical is the health care industry. High profile incidents of hospital-acquired infections have increased serious attention to developing systems to help combat this problem. Color-coding makes it easier to teach the systems to workers and ultimately provide a much more professional and consistent result while lowering the occurrence of HAI in health care facilities.

Another benefit of developing these systems is the large number of workers in the industry who speak English as a second language. Color-coding helps bridge the language barrier as workers can more easily understand which areas are cleaned with which color. In addition to simplifying the cleaning process by labeling tools and products by color, there are charts available to reinforce the process with simple visual cues.

All of these new color-coding materials will help streamline procedures and make consistent cleaning more effective especially in the area of cross contamination. For your custom cleaning quote give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call 813-929-1122!

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Keeping up with your Carpets!

Research extending back several decades shows that properly maintained carpets can be tampa carpet cleaningsafe and will have many desirable attributes, not the least of which are comforts and well-being. Any facility manager or office manager looking to find and hire a professional, commercial cleaning company will want to be sure that whatever company you hire they have the knowledge and expertise to understand your flooring and carpet needs. Carpet is not static but is a dynamic environmental system that conforms to the law of thermodynamics. If you have a new indoor carpet you realize the benefit it brings but as time passes carpet will seek a state of disorder and become a matter absorber that transfers and traps unwanted matter. In order to be maintained to optimum status, carpets must be cleaned regularly.

“Cleaning” is the process used to achieve a clean condition and effective cleaning is the process of extracting and removing unwanted matter to the greatest or optimum extent.  It will reduce exposure to unwanted matter and eliminate any adverse effects on humans, environmental and other valuable materials.

tampa carpet cleaningIt is obvious that unwanted matter gets deposited in carpet either by foot traffic or by air deposition. Large dense substances are normally tracked in through ground floor entrances and because carpet has a large irregular surface area it holds on to this substance. Because of this temporary containment carpet can help control indoor pollutants. This is known as the trap effect and is only temporary because sooner or later the unwanted matter transfers somewhere else.

Six different field experiments over the last 25 years indicate that a properly designed carpet cleaning schedule with an emphasis on extraction can keep unwanted matter loading in carpet at levels that will not adversely affect other parts of the environment, such as indoor air. The studies indicate 3 important components for carpet care:

  1. The use of soil barriers such as walk off mats at the building entrances
  2. Frequently scheduled vacuuming with a certified and tested vacuum
  3. Regularly scheduled extraction cleaning

Extracting pollutants from carpets enhances the quality of the indoor environment by reducing exposers and protecting health. Cleaning carpets is most beneficial to health when we extract all of the following:

  •                 Fine particles that are not controlled through normal housekeeping
  •                 Biological allergens of all types
  •                 Particles to which other pollutants are bound such as solids and gas-phase                     organic compounds
  •                 Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and arsenic found in outside soil dusts
  •                 Pesticides and herbicides used in and around the microenvironment
  •                 Combustion byproducts from cooking, wood smoke, candles and tobacco

Make sure your professional commercial cleaning company has the expertise to keep your commercial offices, medical facilities and schools carpeting at optimum condition through a well maintained plan to protect your carpet and extend its life over the years.

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