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Keeping your Floors looking New

Carpet Cleaning (Steam Cleaning): At Gator Cleaning Solutions we carry the best carpet commercial carpet cleaningcleaning equipment available in the industry. The primary method of cleaning that we use is Truck Mounted Steam cleaning. We always pre-treat all areas and then clean at temperatures exceeding 200 degrees.

In addition, we extract using a rinse which neutralizes all the soaps, thereby eliminating dirt attracting residue. Finally, we understand that one of your primary concerns is dry time. That’s why we use as little water as possible and always perform extra dry strokes to extract as much water from your carpets as possible, as well as the soil and detergent.

Carpet Cleaning (Dry Cleaning): For those customers who prefer a dryer form of cleaning, we offer the Encapsulation System. This system can also do an incredible job, especially on berber carpets! We spray down an encapsulation formula, and then run the Cymex machine over your carpets. Within an hour or two, the formula crystalizes around each dirt particle preventing the dirt from reattaching to the carpet fibers. Then, the crystalized formula is merely vacuumed up during your next next scheduled vacuuming. There is no dirt attracting residue left in your carpets.

They immediately look beautiful and stay clean longer than any other method of cleaning. The formula is totally safe and considered a green form of cleaning. In addition, this method is less expensive than the steam cleaning.

Tile & Grout Cleaning: Customers are totally amazed at the before and after results of our tile and grout cleaningTile and Grout cleaning. Usually we hear something like this, “I had no idea that my tile and grout was that dirty!” The differences are usually DRAMATIC!

Upholstery Cleaning: We clean a wide range of synthetic upholstery, including Microfiber. We do not clean leather or upholstery made of natural fibers.

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Maintaining the look and integrity of your carpet!

Many business owners, when faced with what kind of floor treatment to use in their facility, choose carpet. The appearance and feel of carpet can make the setting of your business carpet cleaninglook better while also being easy to maintain. When you install carpet, it is important to know how to properly maintain your carpeting and the best way to ensure quality care and maintenance is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company. Carpeting often is a first choice for restaurants, schools, office buildings and churches as well as parts of medical offices.  A professional commercial cleaning company will have the knowledge to tackle all the different types of carpets and will know how to keep the appearance looking fresh and clean and at the same time add longevity to the lifespan of your carpet.

There are some areas that you need to pay attention to in order to keep your carpets looking good for the duration of its life. Watch out for high traffic areas where customers, clients or workers travel more frequently. Areas from the entrance of your building to the receptionist desk and the waiting rooms will need more frequent attention. People carry in all sorts of soil and dirt on theirs shoes and even with proper welcoming mats there will be visible trails of dirt along the carpet. These are areas that will need attention when vacuuming.

office carpet cleaning
It is important to note that the downside of carpeting as a material is that it is a type of material that can be affected by heavy pieces of furniture and large objects that are paced on top of it for a long period of time. These indentations can be unsightly and ruin the look of your carpet and also contribute to the material looking dirty and worn out. It is recommended that you rearrange the furniture occasionally and place heavy objects or furniture on separate mats to save the carpet underneath.
Just remember soiling in the carpet is the process of dirt, soil and dust being trapped between the fibers of the carpet. Many times the dirt is so trapped even a vacuum cleaner cannot remove it so even if your carpet looks clean it should still be vacuumed every day. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to any odors that may emanate from your carpet. The last thing you want is a smelly carpet that causes your building to smell dirty. Since a carpet can hold a lot of dust particles and dirt, it should be part of your maintenance plan to deodorize regularly.
carpet cleaning tampaCarpets can be a practical and smart choice for a building manager or business owner especially if they can find a good fit with a local professional commercial cleaning company with expertise in cleaning and maintaining your carpets.  Gator Cleaning Solutions has been serving businesses and residences by keeping carpets clean for more then a decade and know first hand how maintaining your carpet can save you big bucks in the long run.  If you would like a free over the phone estimate please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at


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Keeping Data Centers Clean!

Every business has challenges in finding the right professional cleaning company andoffice cleaning tampa these challenges vary according to the specific needs of your facility or office. Over the past few years with the rise in data centers, there has developed a real need for a professional commercial cleaning company with the knowledge and expertise to take on the challenges of cleaning in a high tech environment. Facing issues of lost data and errors, very well defined methods and procedures must be in place for a cleaning service to fit your needs if you are the manager of this type of facility. Cleaning of a data center is critical because machines and equipment can face down times that hurt efficiency and cost money to fix if dust and debris start to buildup. This can be an overall drain on productivity and profit in an already competitive field.

Dust can accumulate on any equipment in your office so the first key to data cleaning is that cleaning must be thorough and consistent. Cleaning the exterior hardware, cabinets, top of floors and under floor plenum will ensure cleanliness and allow your expensive equipment to be able to reach its proper lifespan. This requires a specific cleaning schedule and will also ensure your server fans aren’t working overtime. When dust and dirt are removed from an area the server fan can reduce its cooling requirements.

office cleaning tampaThere are various standards concerning data centers so it’s important that your professional cleaning company adheres to and maintains those standards. There are even standards for microscopic dust limits for equipment manufacturers, so you must make sure your data center is compliant with all rules and regulations.

While there may be an inclination to cleaning your own offices or facilities to save money, an investment in the right commercial cleaning company will pay for itself and could potentially save a great deal of money down the road. Also, you will prevent down time when equipment isn’t working properly. When considering a commercial cleaning company for your data center, look at the experience of the commercial cleaning company, discuss  their standards and review their policies in the event something were to be damaged during cleaning. With the help of the right cleaning company you can be assured that your data center will run at optimum levels.

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Making the right choice for Office Cleaning Services

Choosing a new Commercial Cleaning Company for your business or facilities?  There are some important things for you to consider, the most important of which is that people matter the most. It is the front line office cleaners, custodians, day porters andjoffice cleaning tampa maintenance workers that come in and out of your facility every day. Your office cleaning team must be trustworthy, well trained, a good fit and managed in a way that allows your business to be successful. So you should question any perspective office cleaning service about the processes they use to find, screen, hire, train and manage good people. If these process are in place and well-articulated it will lower janitorial turnover which will increase the value of their service over time. Any professional commercial cleaning company will be happy and proud to show you how they have invested in their people and what makes their team better than their competitors.

Look for a cleaning company that will provide all your cleaning and maintenance needs. That should include preventative maintenance, medical cleaning, office cleaning, commercial handyman services, window cleaning, repairs, special floor care, carpet commercial cleaning tampacleaning, construction cleaning, and any other cleaning your business requires. Having a great professional office cleaning and facilities maintenance company behind your business will save you time and money and free you up to focus on building your business.

When it comes to pricing, the best companies will keep pricing transparent and easy to follow.  Your professional cleaning company should give you a clear idea what you are buying and what you will get for your money. It also affords you a clear path to determine whether you are getting what you have been promised.

Remember great office cleaning is not about just how things look on the surface but it is the science of cleaning and how to get it right. The best cleaning companies understand issues like touch points, disease and infection reduction, cleaning for health and safety, clean restrooms, dwell times and green cleaning.  You want a restroom cleaning company that will know how to stem the spread of disease-causing germs for the health and safety of your customers and workers. Well-trained office cleaners will keep your facilities sparkling but the will keep your people healthier.

In hiring a professional commercial cleaning company its can be helpful to search out referrals from friends or others in the industry but if that is not possible it is still feasible towindows find the right company for your cleaning needs. With a little due diligence you should be able to find just what you are looking for in a professional cleaning service that will successfully service your facility for years to come.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been partnering with Tampa businesses for more then a decade to provide a customized approach for each facility to ensure their workspace is clean and healthy.  We understand the value of business image and work with our clients to showcase their facilities!  Call us for a free custom cleaning estimate!


Premier Tampa Office Cleaning Services

One of the most difficult problems facing any business is finding a professional office cleaning service tampacommercial cleaning company that delivers on its promises. In the fast moving  world of business and services many companies can and do say whatever it takes to get the contract  but delivering sometimes falls short and YOU are left to clean up the mess. NO PUN INTENDED! This is not an efficient or productive way to accomplish the goal of maintaining a clean and healthy work space.                                                                                  So how do you locate a professional cleaning company you can rely on to serve your facility and maintain quality cleaning? How does your facility manager separate the false pitch man to find the real deal?

As an office manager or facility director you want the work done and done right without having to chase down the office cleaning company or micro-manage. You should be looking for an office cleaning  company that will not just meet the needs of your business but will exceed your needs and expectations.

medical office cleaning tampaIt is almost always better to go with a local office cleaning company that has a history of delivering  results and responsiveness. There are more choices out there besides monolithic national cleaning companies and the one man with a van operation. For a large facility or multiple facilities a large commercial office cleaning service can offer nearly all the benefits of a national janitorial company. Your local commercial cleaning company should  have extensive connections within the community and committed to keeping jobs and tax revenue in the local economy. They also are in a position to save you money because they have tremendous buying power on paper goods and any other cleaning products.

Local cleaning companies are limited to smaller areas to acquire new business and will work harder to keep costumers happy and maintain a solid reputation in their local communities. Most importantly, a local commercial cleaning company will be close enough to be responsive to your changing needs and will accommodate those changing needs. They will work together with you to strengthen communicationoffice cleaning tampan and understanding of your vision for your business and the ways they can help you achieve your goals.

In the Tampa Bay area Gator Cleaning Solutions looks to partner with local businesses to provide for all your cleaning and maintenance needs. Our commitment to our local businesses has been paramount in our cleaning services and part of our business vision for the future.  Call Gator Cleaning Solutions to get started with a custom cleaning quote and let us show you just how easy it is to keep a clean and healthy environment for your staff and customers!


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