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Professional Cleaning to avoid Cross Contamination

Being innovative in the Professional Commercial Cleaning Industry can be the difference between success and failure so any new idea that can help in the quality of cleaning ormedical office cleaning tampa streamline services can be extremely helpful. In light of this, color coding in the cleaning industry has begun to see a new resurgence in popularity. This is primarily because of illnesses caused by cross contamination and because the language barrier in the janitorial industry continues to grow wider. Color coding cleaning helps avoid cross contamination because it makes it much easier for workers to identify which products should be used in which areas of any given facility.

If a facility is an environment where cross contamination might pose a health or safety risk to the public or if there is an issue of a cleaning staff where speaking the language can be problematic, than it becomes more critical that a professional cleaning or janitorial business adopt  color coded procedures. This system would be important in healthcare, food service and educational facilities as well as other commercial properties, hospitals and many others.

medical office cleaning tampaThe idea with color coding is that cloths, mops and brushes are assigned a different color, each representing a specific use. By clearly establishing which colors are to be used for what application, workers are less likely to cross contaminate. You can also delineate which color should be used for a specific area in a facility.

Although color coding has been around for many years, it is becoming more prevalent in its use in recent years to stop spreading germs in medical office cleaning. There is not yet a standard in the industry for how to use various colors, however there are some commonly accepted norms. Blue is used for general purpose cleaning in low risk areas and green is used in general food preparation and processing such as serving and bar areas. Red is primarily used in high risk areas including toilets, urinals and floors and yellow and orange are for back of the house cleaning and black or gray are for front of house cleaning.

It is true that the colors being used are become more routine in the medical cleaning industry and the colors blue, green, red and yellow are the most commonly used. Color coded microfiber cloths are becoming very prevalent and experts say these cloths are becoming standard replacing cotton and other materials. Microfiber has the ability to clean surfaces and get even microscopic size materials on surfaces.

All the new use of colors coding and using microfiber cloths is just making the commercialoffice cleaning tampa cleaning and medical cleaning industry more efficient and more able to prevent cross contamination which is an ongoing problem for public health and safety.

At Gator Cleaning solutions we understand the critical nature of medical cleaning services and surface disinfection. it is critical in assisting in the prevention of HAI’s.  At Gator Cleaning Solutions our medical cleaning program is based on the best practices identified by organizations such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES) and Association for Professionals in Infection Prevention (APIC).

Call Gator Cleaning Solutions for a custom medical cleaning quote and let us help you to keep your medical office clean and healthy!

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Outsourcing your Office Cleaning = Big Benefits

There are many reasons a property manager or building manager would want to outsource their cleaning services and the benefits can have big benefits to the tenants and business occupying the space!

Healthy Work Environment

Keeping your workplace clean means keeping your workplace safe. Not only are officesOffice cleaning tampa a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, but an untidy work space in a manufacturing facility can also lead to accidents and possibly injury. At time when the average worker in the U.S costs businesses $230/year due to workplace absenteeism caused by personal illness, paying for cleaning services doesn’t seem all that bad.

Less Headaches for YOU

Your employees are your top priority, but we all know the worst part about cleaning is the fact that it’s, well, cleaning.  We work around YOUR work schedule to make sure you aren’t bothered by our presence. Rather than spending time doing something that stresses you out, leave the cleaning up to the pros and spend more time working on what matters most to you.

More Productive Staff

There have been numerous studies on workplace productivity and workplace cleanliness, and they all point towards one thing: a cleaner workplace leads to happier, more productive workers.

office cleaning tampaIn a study conducted at Brigham Young University, 88% of respondents report that visible buildups of dirt and dust can actually hinder their ability to concentrate, be productive, and learn. Want more productive workers? Hire Gator Cleaning Solutions to keep your workspace tidy and clean.

Keeping up your Business Image

Did you know that 35% of workers feel ashamed or embarrassed when other people see their workspace? Americans often associate cleanliness with professionalism. If you don’t look like an organized professional, you won’t be perceived as one, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than having your customers and clients view your business as unprofessional.

Customized Cleaning Packages

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been providing customized cleaning packages for businesses around Tampa Bay for more than a decade. Having extensive knowledge on the methods and tools of the industry allows us to provide a customized approach while stretching every dollar to get the most value for your budget.

Getting the Most Value for your Dollar

At a time when budgets are incredible tight, making every dollar count is our top priority! office cleaning tampaWith state of the art tools and our quality cleaning system we are able to maximize time with well trained professionals.  Each facility has different needs and customizing a package that works within the budget is a key factor in a successful partnership!

Let Gator Cleaning Solutions partner with you in keeping your workplace clean and healthy while working within your budget.  Call us to get your no obligation free quote!

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Professional Restroom Cleaning is Critical to Biz Success

Professional Cleaning Companies know better than anyone that in public and commercial settings like schools, restaurants, office buildings and healthcare facilities, restrooms are restroom cleaning tamathe number one source of customer and clients complaints and concerns. This is also one of the most difficult areas to address in professional cleaning and maintenance. Restroom cleanliness impacts a businesses success but it also impacts the public’s health.

According to experts in the field, illness-causing bacteria and germs and drug resistance organisms are routinely found in public restrooms and are transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces. A study in 2011 found in inspecting 10 restroom facilities on the campus of the University of Colorado that human associated microbes likes Staphylococcaceae were commonly found on a variety of surfaces. This was of particular concern because of the many skin and stomach associated bacteria found on those surfaces  could be easily transmitted. Another restroom study on the San Diego State University campus found that restroom surfaces were completely recontaminated with microbes and fecal bacteria on a variety of surfaces from soap dispensers to toilet seats just an hour after they were cleaned.

The solution to this problem is to modify the cleaning strategy to a health-focused approach and take the following 6 steps to ensure that the facility is aesthetically clean looking and hygienically clean as well.

  1. Research your products. Pay close attention to the products that are being used to disinfect toilets and other surfaces. Make sure the proper products are being used and check product labels for manufacturing instructions for proper use and contact time.
  2. office cleaning tampaPre-clean surfaces. Remove body soils and debris and then use EPA registered product with kill claims for hard to kill pathogens such as norovirus, influenza and staphylococcus.
  3. When you find odors in restrooms, don’t mask them. Restroom odors should be broken down at their source. Not all air freshening products can break down uric acid crystals, the root cause of urine odor. Using hydrogen peroxide based solutions fights urine odors and stains and do not require additional training to use.
  4. Clean mirrors and glass. Remove streaks, water marks and soils with a glass and surface cleaner. Eliminate soap scum and grime on sinks and countertops by using products that are specifically formulated to break down scum.
  5. Clean the floors. Remove scuff marks and grime on restroom floors and disinfect them. Restroom floors are a breeding area for over 230 bacterial species compared to 150 species in other areas of the restroom.
  6. Encourage hand washing hygiene. Handwashing is the most important step inoffice cleaning tampa preventing the spread of infections. Cleaning staff should always wash their hands regularly with warm water and soap. You need to scrub for at least 20 seconds before rinsing under clean, running water.

Gator Cleaning Solutions would be happy to work with you in providing a clean and healthy restroom as part of our overall commercial cleaning service and commitment to your business. We have all the resources and knowledge to serve your office cleaning needs.  Give us a call for your no obligation commercial cleaning quote!


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School Cleaning- Make the Grade!

More and more schools are out sourcing school cleaning to professional cleaning services. At a time when school funding is more limited than ever, schools are turning to professional commercial cleaning companies to provide more efficient, lesscleaning schools tampa costly services. Cleaning schools is a specialized process and is different than cleaning medical facilities or other types of offices and as such requires a commercial cleaning company that trains and understands for the specific needs of schools. Use a cleaning checklist as a tool to help identify which cleaning services will best serve your needs as you move forward.

A perspective cleaning company should have experience in the field of school cleaning. You don’t want your school to be a learning experience for a cleaning company. You need efficiency and quality on day one.

Be sure your school cleaning service provider has extensive experience especially in employee screening as your workers could be in contact with students. Criminal background checks, drug testing and also educational verification, employment history and reference verification is expected. In Florida all staff working on school grounds must be fingerprinted and pass a background check to meet the Jessica Lunsford act requirements.

janitorial schoolsBe prepared to work closely with your company to ensure the best possible fit of personnel for your school. You need to find the right people to work in this challenging position who understands the specialized needs of school cleaning. A professional school cleaning service will know how to customize a program to get the most out of your budget!

An experienced cleaning service will work within your budget and set up a cleaning services individualized to your school facility. There should be transparency in pricing and contracts should be clear and easy to ensure you will get what you are promised.

It is advisable to contract someone locally rather than a national cleaning service to ensure a more personalschool cleaning tampa relationship and a more hands on approach. Large local companies can best serve you and it has the added benefit of keeping jobs and dollars right in the communities in which you serve. People appreciate a schools keeping business in their communities as an investment in long term growth and prosperity.

A school cleaning company should offer clear individualized solutions designed for your school. They should be responsive to your unique needs and be responsive to any changes that might require a shift in services. There must be systems in place to communicate with ease and address issues as they come up.

Ideally you will find a local, experienced company that will offer a green cleaning solution to your school. They should also include energy reduction plans to help meet your green building goals. Keeping your students and staff healthy should be the highest priority!

At Gator Cleaning Solutions we will be happy to provide all these services and more as we work closely with you for all your school needs. We have customized cleaning programs for Tampa area schools for over a decade and work diligently to find the very best solutions for each facility!  Call us to get a no obligation cleaning proposal!

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Streamlining your Professional Green Cleaning

Green cleaning has become a vital part of the commercial cleaning industry. Because ofprofessional green cleaning tampa this trend over the past ten years to being more environmentally responsible, commercial cleaning companies have tried to use green cleaning effectively while still maintaining an efficient approach to the job. Standardizing task times to deliver a consistent, effective management of green cleaning is an important element to running a successful business.

There are several ways to bring about efficiency in professional cleaning services and one way to accomplish this is by timing your workers as they attempt to go about their everyday tasks and responsibilities. To this end there are five tips using a stopwatch to see how much time is needed and how efficiency can be streamlined.

  1. Take videos of desired outcomes and document target cleaning outcomes. This includes distinguishing vital tasks in every area of the project.
  2. Identify current important cleaning tasks using a floor plan and map out most efficient way to proceed.
  3. green cleaningObserve and time different workers performing the same tasks and after observation determine best practices. Be sure workers are working at a safe pace.
  4. Create a training video of high performing workers and include a manual of tasks as a timing guide for all your workers. Make sure you encourage a consistent, productive quality not quantity rate of cleaning.
  5. Write down the times of each task according to best practice and integrate it into your training process.

Using these techniques and processes will streamline your professional cleaning services to your clients and make your green cleaning more successful. If you would like a custom cleaning proposal with no obligation to commit please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at 813-929-1122.

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