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Is your Business Ready for RNC?

With the largest convention in Tampa’s history rolling into town in just a few weeks you don’t have much time to be sure your business has a wow factor. When the Republican National Convention (RNC) opens in Tampa on August 27, the city will host 2,286 delegates, 2,125 alternate Delegates, from all 50 states, The District of Columbia and all 5 US territories. In addition there will be more than 15,000 credentialed media from all over the world.

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With an estimated 175 million dollars being spent over the next few weeks in the Tampa area there is just enough time to evaluate the appearance of your business and spruce things up. Paying close attention to how your floors shine, the cleanliness of windows and the overall appearance can pay off when first impressions count.

The first impression is a lasting one and ensuring the floors in your buildings shine will help give that look of professionalism and pride in your environment! Floors that are serviced regularly by a trained professional will have a sparkling shine.  Also keep in mind that a poorly maintained floor can add risk to employees and customers.  Wax build up and dirty floors tend to be more slippery and can create an unsafe working environment.

All eyes will be on Tampa soon and the city has prepared for two years for this event. The possible economic advantages to local business cannot be over stated. Be sure your business is prepared to present itself in the best possible way so you, like Tampa, will benefit from the opportunity available. Overall attention to your businesses appearance will add to the general positive attitude of your employees as well as any prospective clients.

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Top 10 Actions to Manage Infection Risk in Healthcare Facility

When working in a healthcare facility there are always concerns about infection and cross contamination.  Cleaning professional have a direct responsibility in reducing the risk of infection and incorporating the tips below will certainly help get your cleaning staff on the right track.

Here are the 10 actions to manage infection risk in healthcare facility

  1. Routinely apply basic infection control methods with all staff such as hand hygiene, gloves when appropriate and personal protective wear.
  2. Educate your team on infection control best practices and protocols that ensure you do no harm.describe the image
  3. Explanation of compliance standards from the healthcare industry to all staff including CDC, Joint Commission and OSHA.
  4. Determine cleaning plan/protocol based on non-patient areas (administrative) and high touch areas.
  5. Documented schedule of staff and clear responsibilities for each area of facility.
  6. Have a High Risk Protocol in place when outbreak of resistant contaminant is confirmed such as c. difficile and the use of sodium hypochloride after a thorough detergent clean.
  7. Documented description of products, application, equipment and frequency of use and maintenance.
  8. Regular auditing of cleaning through visual walk through and use of ATP devices can help with process improvement and quality control.
  9. Use of labeling for products and equipment for high risk areas.  For example, labeling of microfiber per unit to reduce cross-contamination of cleaning areas.
  10. Maintain work areas specific to hospital protocols. When under construction or re-modeling consider infection risk and develop a plan for minimization of exposure.
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