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Medical Office Cleaning-Keeping People Healthy

We all know how critical it is to maintain clean medical facilities but our understanding of medical office cleaning tampawhat that means bears some further discussion. There is clean and there is a more intense deep medical cleaning that is required in any medical facility. Keeping staff and patients healthy is a primary goal of any office manager or medical technician and the best way to accomplish this goal is by hiring a professional cleaning service.

A thorough medical office cleaning  accomplishes two goals, the first is aesthetic in creating an inviting atmosphere that makes patients feel safe and at ease. The second, and more importantly, is to ensure that the workspace is properly sanitized and disinfected. This is key to protecting everyone from healthcare-related illnesses that can lead to life threatening medical problems.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1 out of every 20 visitors to a medical facility will contract a healthcare-associated illness which leads to thousands of dollars in treatments. Medical facilities require detailed attention to specialized equipment rooms, labs and diagnostic testing areas. You need an experienced, well trained medical cleaning crew that knows how to use proper cleaners and disinfectants to prevent exposure to pathogens that could spread illnesses. There can be no shortcuts in this process.

Special areas of attention include:

Sanitizing all surfaces

medical office cleaning tampaDisinfecting with appropriate cleaning products in rooms where procedures are performed

Compliance with regulations like OSHA, HIPPA and others

Use odor free cleaners to ensure comfort of patient and staff

Floor care and windows need to be properly treated because of any germs or bacteria

Restrooms require special care.

Focus on details and hold your medical cleaning service to high standards. At Gator Cleaning Solutions we have a highly effective, experienced cleaning crew using the most up-to-date procedures and products on the market. We know how important maintaining the very cleanest environment possible for your medical facility and we strive for excellence every time we serve you.

If you would like an no obligation medical office cleaning quote please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at 813-929-1122!

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Professional Floor Care Saves $$$

In the world of commercial cleaning one area that is often overlooked by business owners professional floor care tampais their hard surface floors. Some owners are under the impression that hard surface floors don’t require special maintenance. The truth is even the toughest flooring material still requires regular floor cleaning and treatment. Although concrete, vinyl and tile floors don’t collect dirt and debris as much as carpets, they do get dirty and require attention. Hard surface flooring can get scratched and even lose their finish and they have a tendency to buckle and crack under too much pressure.

In spite of these facts, many business owners neglect their flooring maintenance for long periods of time. Although they take time to sweep and mop their floors they don’t follow through with true flooring maintenance that will maximize long term durability and provide overall excellent appearance.

This is why a professional office cleaning service is there to provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to deal with all the issues facing your floors. They will know about the floor cleaning tamparight equipment, chemicals and floor cleaning methods to resolve any issues for your flooring and ensure the type of durability business owners are looking for with their floors. Commercial cleaning company experts have been trained specifically in hard surface flooring and the most up to date, state of the art techniques and products to use in maintaining quality flooring.

Most professional floor cleaning services will be able to take care of all your needs from stripping, sealing and refinishing floors to high-speed burnishing to sealing concrete. Whether your facility is a medical facility or a retail store or a restaurant you can expect to see many benefits from professional floor treatments.

The first thing you will notice is improved appearance, your floors will look brand new. This is a huge benefit if your business is in retail and even if you are not, it makes your space more professional and makes a good first impression to new clients.

Your next benefit will be in preventing long term damage by being proactive and lookingtampa floor cleaning for any potential problems before they become more costly to address. A professional office cleaning service will know what causes problems, how to solve problems and how to prevent them from occurring again.

Lastly, keeping floors up to date will prevent accidents like slips and falls that occur when employees or customers injure themselves. The average cost of a slip and fall accident in the U.S. is $22,800. By regularly treating floors, you can prevent those types of occurrences that come when you have slippery buildups and uneven floors.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has a full care floor cleaning service and we can treat any  hard surface floor in any type of facility. For more information and a free estimate give us a call.

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Communication helps Commercial Cleaning Business Succeed

In every industry, techniques, technologies, processes and procedures change rapidly andoffice cleaning service tampa dynamically over short periods of time. This is especially true in the commercial cleaning industry. There is no better way to keep up with changes than to share ideas with colleagues and counterparts. While there might be a reluctance to reach out to others in the industry because of a perception of weakness, it is a sign of strength. One must never assume their years of experience will provide all of the answers. Meeting regularly with others who are engaged in the same office cleaning businesses allows for an almost always productive encounter.

A problem shared is cut in half and there is a wealth of knowledge and new information available if you take the time to reach out. Trade shows, conference and trade journals are easy ways to gain new insights and ideas into the office cleaning and commercial cleaning industry. The cleaning industry has really evolved in sophistication over the last decade. New equipment, chemicals and software are being constantly developed. Although it might cost a little to join some organizations and attend conferences, there is much to be gained and little to lose.

Make contacts with colleagues and counterparts and meet to share specific problems. Whether it’s an informal lunch group or a trade association make sure you’re a part of a team. Not only will you gain exposure to new ideas, you will be able to share your expertise with others.

medical office cleaning tampaBe sure to consult with your employees as they are your boots on the ground and are very aware of issues and problems facing your company. Develop a culture of knowledge sharing between employees and supervisors and ask the right office cleaning questions. It may take a while for employees to feel comfortable doing this but you must find ways to let them know their input is valued.

Don’t forget to keep office cleaning clients in the loop. Keeping lines of communication open is essential to running a successful business. Don’t wait for a complaint. Be pro active with your office cleaning technicians and knowledge sharing with your clients can help you head off serious problems.

Lastly, don’t try to hide your problems or issues from others. In most cases you will find that they have experienced many of the same challenges and have either found solutions or will work with you to find solutions that will serve everyone’s best interests.

If your not satisfied with your current office cleaning service or looking to outsource your office cleaning, give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call.  We have been providing quality services since 2004 and pride ourselves in an unsurpassed level of customer service!


Restroom Cleaning Reality

The reality is that cleaning restrooms is not a fun and glamorous job however it is a criticaloffice cleaning tampa component of facility upkeep and can often times be an Achilles heel to a business.  At Gator Cleaning Solutions we truly understand the importance of restroom cleanliness on two equal fronts:

First Impressions and what your restroom says about your business:

First impressions are in fact lasting and can be the only chance you get to tell your staff and clients that you care about them in the most fundamental sense.  Keeping a clean and healthy environment tells people that you recognize quality, that you are organized and pay attention to detail and have pride in your brand , service and product.  On the flip side if a client or potential employee walks into your business and finds the office cluttered with boxes and paperwork, dirty dishes in the sink and a urine smell in the restroom they may walk right out or certainly think twice about returning.

restroom cleaning tampaRestrooms can be difficult to maintain if not properly trained or if there is a lack of knowledge around which chemicals and treatments to use.  When surveyed, patron’s negative feedback is almost always restroom cleanliness.  Sometimes the restroom can be clean but still have a lingering smell.  Unfortunately urine and other substances get trapped in floor grout and in drains making it difficult to correct.  A professional commercial cleaning service can help eliminate and manage restroom odor.   Protect your brand and invest in a professional office cleaning service!

Restroom Contamination can pose serious Health Risks:

Not only can a dirty restroom cause potential business to walk away but it can also have significant impact on your health and bottom line.  Removing dirt and grime will help with first impressions and the aesthetics of your facility but a deep clean and disinfection will provide lasting health benefits to anyone who enter the building.

Sanitizing: Reduces the germ load on an area to a safer level and is suggested by health office cleaning tampaofficials.

Disinfecting: Kills germs on areas with use of targeted chemicals specifically designed to eliminate bacteria and disease

Keeping your employees healthy means more productivity and less absenteeism.  Gator Cleaning Solutions has been partnering with businesses, schools and medical clinics for more then 10 years and we use state of the art equipment and products to ensure we are doing our part in keeping clients facilities clean and healthy.  Some our tools are:

Color coded microfiber rags- Used to avoid cross contamination and the spread of bacteria

HEPA Filtered Vacuums- Traps harmful particles that would normally be redistributed

Kaivic Machines- In the right environment this machine can be a perfect solution to removing harmful bacteria in a time efficient manner.

restroom cleaning tamaIt’s important to recognize the fact that sometimes, you’re going to need expert help. Look for a professional office cleaning service in Tampa Bay (or indeed, wherever your business is situated) and hire them on a regular basis to come in and return your office to optimum levels of cleanliness. – See more at:

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Tips to finding the best Office Cleaning Service

If your the one running a large office building or Medical clinic then you may be considering contracting a professional cleaning service to help you maintain your facility. office cleaning tampaMay be your reconsidering your current office cleaning service provider.  There are so many choices and facility maintenance is an extremely competitive environment that it sometimes feels overwhelming.  The bottom line is that anyone can talk the talk and tell you exactly what you want to ear.  Asking the right questions and a little bit of follow up can save you in time and money when considering a commercial cleaning service.

Unfortunately there is little oversight within the commercial cleaning sector leaving anyone to pick up a mop and bucket say they are a professional.  Some of these entrepreneurs are easy to spot and/or avoid but some can really be misleading.

Follow these 5 tips to avoid common pitfalls in hiring the wrong office cleaning provider :

  • Stalk your potential Office Cleaning Provider

Check the companies website, social media and google profile

  • Ask for copies of Documentation

Ask for copies of general liability and workers comp insurance as well as bond

  •  Due Diligence

commercial cleaning tampaAsk for 3-5 references of similar sized clients and be sure to check them with specific questions around level of service, response time, how long did the contract last and the big question:

“If there was one thing you could change about the services what would it be?”

  •  Security

Ask about employee screening.  Background check policy, drug screening and legal status of employees.

  •  Stability

How long has the company been in biz – minimum of 3-5 years would be preferred

How many employees do they have? Can they ramp up or down if needed?  What is the level of supervision and who will be checking quality?

The process of contracting an office cleaning service can be time consuming andoffice cleaning service tampa overwhelming but once you have found the right professional team it will save you in time, money and frustration while giving you a clean and healthy facility. Don’t get caught up in fast talk and shiny marketing pieces as anyone can do it themselves online.  Ask the right questions, do your homework and trust your gut!  Gator Cleaning Solutions has been serving the Tampa Bay area for 11 years and we believe our value statement:

We treat everyone with fairness and respect. We listen with intention. Achieve WOW with every client touch point. We deliver excellence with our services. We only hire great people and expect a lot from them. Passionately help others and our community first. We create an environment where people are authentic. We work to make our clients great and earn their respect every day.  Passion and Action drive our team to be the best!

If you would like a consultation regarding your office cleaning needs, call us at:


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