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Helping your Business Sparkle!

Posted by: Erin Meyer 10:27 am

First impressions are critical for business success! When your clients walk in or employees settle into their desks they need to know that you care about the environment they work and buy in.  There are few worse things than a filthy or smelly facility to greet cleaning tampa

Studies have shown that a clean work space is conducive to productivity and cuts down on sick days in comparison to a healthier environment. You can keep your business clean and healthy by using Gator Cleaning Solutions for your office cleaning needs and reap all of the benefits of having a tidy work space.

Gator Cleaning Solutions offers a one stop solution for your facility by providing a menu of services to choose from. This way we can customize the cleaning approach to your specific needs.

Some of the Services Gator Cleaning Solutions Offers:
  1. Complete Janitorial Services
  2. Day Porter Services
  3. Complete Floor Cleaning and Refinishing Services
  4. Carpet Cleaning
  5. Pressure Washing
  6. Window Cleaning
  7. Construction Cleaning Services
  8. Move in and Move out Cleaning
  9. Upholstery Cleaning Services
  10. Restroom Cleaning
  11. Terminal Cleaning
Some of the Facilities Gator Cleaning Solutions Cleans:
  • Schoolsoffice cleaning service tampa
  • Medical Offices and Hospitals
  • General Office Space
  • Day Cares
  • Car Dealerships
  • Assisted Living
  • Restroom Cleaning Services
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Construction Site Cleaning



As you can see, Gator Cleaning Solutions provides a wide range of services to suite your business’s needs!

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been serving the Tampa Bay area with office cleaning services for more then 14 year years and pride ourselves in an unsurpassed level of customer service.  We work hard to use the most innovative products and tools to ensure each of our clients are more then satisfied with our commercial cleaning services.  If you would like a free estimate for your office cleaning needs please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at 813-929-1122!






Office Cleaning During a Move

Posted by: Erin Meyer 11:31 am

Everyone with a business knows how difficult it is when, for whatever reason, it becomes necessary to move locations. Whether you are moving to a new city or just across theoffice cleaning tampa street moving is a daunting task. One of the biggest challenges in moving comes from cleaning out the old facility. Even if you have kept up on routine cleaning, you are bound to find stains, grime and dirt that you’ve become acclimated to over time. To make your task easier just follow the five cleaning tips below to make the process a bit easier.

Start Early and Plan Ahead

Don’t try to get it done at the last minute. Make an honest assessment of what needs doing in advance and give yourself lots of time to accomplish clearly articulated tasks. Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done and decide which day and week the job needs to be tackled.

Reduce the Clutter

office cleaning tampaBefore packing anything, make a list of the items you want to keep and what you need to dispose of before the move. Even though you will probably be keeping most of your furniture and equipment, any unwanted items should be donated or given away based on their condition. While no one wants to be wasteful, it not worth your time or money to move things you may need to replace when you move into your new location. Once you have thoughtfully created your list, you won’t waste time grabbing anything unimportant.

Go Room By Room

Now you’ve done your preparation work and it’s time to pack everything you’re taking with you. To help stay focused, start one room at a time and don’t move on to the next until you have crossed everything off your list.. This will help you stick to your schedule and also ensure a thorough cleaning of each room.

Start Big, Finish Small

Get the biggest, most important items out of each room first. Once everything has been moved, the room should be primed for cleaning.

Complete a Walkthrough

Once you have finished moving and cleaning everything, it’s time to make one final office cleaning servicewalkthrough to be sure everything on your checklist has been accomplished. Grab a small bucket of office cleaning supplies to carry with you for any last minute small office cleaning issues that may appear. When you have made your last walkthrough you can determine that you achieved your goal when you made your first lists.

It’s no surprise that moving is extremely stressful and is even more stressful when you are moving your business. Just follow these simple tips to make moving easier or better yet, call Gator Cleaning Solutions and let the professionals help you with your  office cleaning needs. Leave the stress to the professionals and focus on your business needs.

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Commercial Cleaning Partnership for Success

Posted by: Erin Meyer 12:12 pm

Finding the right Commercial Cleaning Partner

Has your facility budget has been cut?  Do you need to find commercial cleaning prices floor cleaning, commercial cleaning tampathat are in line with your budgetary needs. Or maybe you have been doing  it on your own and now you need a professional commercial maintenance company, but there just isn’t a dedicated budget yet so you need to pull from other places to make it happen.

Or your just not getting the quality or consistency out of your current contractor and need to change it up a bit! Where ever you are in the process Gator Cleaning Solutions can help you sort through the numbers and determine a scope of work that will align with your budget and also leave your facility clean and healthy.  We work with all sizes of facilities and customize packages so that everyone feels good moving forward!

Those Offering Low Prices aren’t always the best fit!

When it comes to commercial cleaning in the Tampa market,  low cost is not the same as reasonable cost. You could select the lowest quote but many times the service will reflect a lack detail or consistency, you won’t actually get value from your commercial cleaning company. Due to the lack of start-up costs there are many people that try to start a cleaning business and without the experience and resources can leave you in a difficult situation. These are the kind of start-ups and “one man and a van” operations that often offer low bids that just are not livable. In time, they will ask you for more money or tack on extra charges or they will simply start doing less.

Stretching the Budget but keeping Quality

office cleaning tampaLow bid offers are hard to resist and human nature is to take it into consideration because let’s face it , we all have tight budgets and every little bit counts! The reality is that although these prices are attractive, it is much better to go with an established, professional, reputable commercial maintenance company. Why? It is only with a great amount of experience that professional cleaning companies can customize a cleaning schedule that will stretch you dollar but also provide a cleaning services to meet your facility needs. When quality service is paired with reasonable commercial cleaning prices, you get real value.

Putting together a Smart Cleaning Schedule is critical in stretching your dollar and getting the maximum value. The commercial cleaning industry has had to become nimble and flexible with recent economic crunches. The best of the best know that a cookie cutter scope of work that works line by line just isn’t the most efficient way to help keep a facility clean and certainly won’t work with tight budgets.   Finding areas that can be customized based on traffic patterns and activity can have significant impact of pricing strategies. Gator Cleaning Solutions can work with you and analyze your building to determine an individual plan for you and your facilities.

Find a one stop shop to help streamline your facility vendor needs

Some of the best janitorial service providers have also learned throughout the years to extend their services to other areas of facility needs to help streamline decision making foroffice cleaning property and facility managers.  We understand the daily grind and duties in keeping up a facility and at Gator Cleaning Solutions we work hard to employ the best in areas such as pressure washing, window cleaning and maintenance, floor cleaning and floor maintenance programs, construction clean up and more.  We try to be a one stop resource for our clients. Our clients trust us to provide a quality service at a fair price every time!  If we can’t do it we know someone who can!  This also helps us to keep in line with your budgetary needs by offering bulk services at a discounted rate!

Working with a REAL PRO has great VALUE

It is possible to get safe, healthy, consistently above average commercial cleaning that still is in line with your building services budget, but the lowest price isn’t always the best value. Working with reputable, local commercial cleaning company that offers customized programs designed to fit your facility and budgetary needs. Gator Cleaning has been serving the Tampa Bay area for more then a decade and prides itself in creating long lasting valuable relationships with our clients. As a Facility Manager, you will get more satisfaction from your commercial cleaning contractor or janitorial service if you find one that offers a partnership approach.

Give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call to secure your custom cleaning quote! Let us help keep your facility clean and healthy and your budget in tact!


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Cleaning Up after Construction or Renovation

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:43 am

construction cleanupWhenever renovation work is done, or just expansion of an office space, the construction involved doesn’t always include a very detailed cleaning of the workspace once that final nail is hammered.

Dust, debris and even leftover supplies can clutter that new area before it even gets a chance to be used. Everything from sheetrock dust and carpentry scraps to sawdust and sanding debris. These can present not just an eyesore, but can easily contain pesky allergens that can hamper your workforce. Continue reading

Preparing for Business: Construction Cleanup

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:15 am

construction cleanupWhether you’re building an entirely new facility from the ground up or are renovating an existing structure, you know just how much refuse and mess comes along with the construction process. In order to get your facility ready for business after improvements or building efforts, taking steps to ensure construction cleanup efforts are effective is of vital importance.

Indoor Construction Cleanup

Contractors track mud and dirt indoors, leaving footprints and smudges on new flooring surfaces. Sawdust and other particle debris settles over surfaces, leaving not only an unsightly mess but also posing a potential risk for respiratory affects in building occupants. Continue reading

Commercial Construction Cleaning Services

Posted by: Erin Meyer 1:42 pm

construction sitePost-construction project sites can be a major mess and hassle to clean up, which is why you should consider hiring a commercial construction cleaning service to take care of your construction cleanup. Various types of debris may need to be recycled, and dirt and dust distributed everywhere needs to be thoroughly cleaned up. A construction cleaning service will be able to fully clean your facility and get it back to how it was before the construction project started.

Do not rely on the contractors for a proper cleanup; most of them just do not have the time to handle it properly, and even if they do some cleanup work, more will still likely need to be done.

There Might Be a Lot of Cleanup Work Involved

Depending on how long the construction project continued, a lot of cleanup work may be involved. A construction cleaning service will be able to clean your facility with much better efficiency than your contractors or employees could and will know the proper procedure for construction-waste cleanup.

You might need a large range of cleanup services, including pressure washing, glass cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, and hard floor cleaning to name a few. It is best to hire a professional cleaning service that will have all the necessary tools do a thorough job of cleaning up after your construction project ends.

If Time Is of the Essence, Hire Professionals

You may only have a matter of days to have your site cleaned up before new customers or tenants arrive. If that is the case, you will want to hire the most efficient service possible that can have your facility back to normal again within a matter of hours. A professional construction cleaning service will use modern tools and efficient cleaning methods to clean the construction site up and make it presentable for others as quickly as possible.

Do not rely on busy contractors to clean up your facility; hire construction-cleaning specialists who will make sure it is cleaned the right way.