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Green Cleaning Services For Your Business

Posted by: Erin Meyer 1:34 pm

Commercial Green Cleaning Services

green cleaning Green cleaning may be important to your eco-friendly facility, and if that is the case, you will want to hire a commercial cleaning company that uses only environmentally friendly products with their cleanups as well as one that uses appropriate disposal methods for wastes such as recycling. Green cleaning is better for a business’s image and it shows a company’s commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability.

Working with a green commercial cleaning company will continue to represent that commitment to your customer base and ensure that your facility is cleaned using nontoxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Types of Green Cleaning Technology

Several new types of green-cleaning technologies will help protect the environment:

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths—These cloths can be used 500 times or more without needing to be thrown away. Every commercial green cleaning company should use these cloths instead of paper towels for their cleanups.
Water Conservation Methods—Water is a precious commodity, and all green cleaning companies should adhere to these methods in their cleaning services
Natural, Biodegradable Ingredients—Using all-natural ingredients is good for our environment and demonstrates that you care about what happens here even long after you are gone.
Chemical Management Methods—These methods help commercial green cleaning companies to reduce the amount of products that they need to use to clean commercial buildings.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal

If there is any waste that needs to be disposed of, a green cleaning company should use the appropriate method of disposal, whether it is normal recycling, specialized recycling, or other methods. A commercial green cleaning company can usually come up with a green waste disposal and cleaning program for your commercial building and help you implement best practices for your facility.

Green Seal cleaning products should be used by the cleaning company and anyone else who handles maintenance and cleaning in your facility as well. Many other steps can be taken in addition to these to make your business operations cleaner and healthier for both your employees and the environment.