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Keeping up with your Floor Care Maintenance Part 1

Posted by: Erin Meyer 10:03 am

If your business or office has an outdated floor due to wear and tear and can no longer be sufficiently cleaned it may be time to look at alternatives available in today’s market. Gator Cleaning Solutions correctly prices new job bids and avoids underestimating the materials you need.  It is important to have an understanding of commercial flooring materials and how those materials age. In addition, it will be beneficial to know how to keep your new floors from aging prematurely as well as the required maintenance that will be needed. Gator Cleaning Solutions understands what treatments will best restore a floor to avoid promising impossible results to new and existing clients. In this two part blog find out what special services are necessary to help keep carpet, wood, laminate and linoleum in great shape as they age and experience wear and tear. With this information you can make an educated decision about which floors offer the best possibility for your business.


Like all flooring, the life cycle of carpet is determined by the environment it is in.  Carpet in high-traffic areas and entryways will age faster but with the proper care can usually have acommercial carpet cleaning useable life span of 10 or more years, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) a nonprofit carpet industry trade group. With carpet it will be necessary to do deep cleaning routinely, depending on what type of environment your facility is, for example a restaurant will need deep cleaning once a month where as a dentist’s office or doctor’s office may only need deep cleaning once a year. Whether your carpet will require monthly or yearly, deep cleaning is the key to keeping carpets looking good and prolonging their viability. Your cleaning company will want to stay ahead of any problems especially in high traffic areas to prevent permanent traffic lanes or fading. If you begin to see soil levels build up, you’ve waited too long.

Carpet treatments can vary quite a bit based of the material the carpet is made of from simple shampooing to using dry foam or a combination of products and methods. It is generally recommended using a hot water extraction process with a mild detergent or crystal clear carbonation solution. The idea is to remove the soil with a water based cleaning solution often after pre-conditioners are used  to soften up dirt. With this particular method, dirt is extracted using a rotating power device. The most important thing is to avoid leaving any residue on the carpet which will create a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. If clients are resistant to paying for regular cleaning treatments they may be open to treating certain parts of the carpet. If this is the client’s choice and regular maintenance workers spot-treat carpet in between deep cleanings, it is important to rinse the area thoroughly to avoid leaving a soapy residue which can cause area to become discolored.


Wood flooring can have an exceptional lifespan sometimes as long as 100 years or older according to Builder magazine. It is a very good choice for high traffic areas and requires regular sweeping, mopping and other cleaning methods. In addition, it needs to routinely undergo more intense procedures including refinishing and stripping when regular cleaning won’t restore its luster.

hardwood cleaningClients with wood floors usually redo the process every few years as sealers usually last more than a year but when it does become clear that it is time to refinish the floors, cleaning companies must be careful to approach the process very carefully. You must ensure the floor is dust and debris free after properly prepping it. If that is not done, the floor could be left with dimples when it dries and the job will have to be redone. If the floor is not prepped and the finish applied correctly it will need to be entirely redone. It is best to hire a professional company with experience in flooring to do this task when it needs to be done.

If scratches, nicks or other damage is done to the wood, it will need to be sanded down and refinished but with grime or other residue all you will need is a machine to clean and polish and remove scuffs and other marks. It will not be necessary to replace the whole floor for some small imperfections.

This all makes wood floors a truly great choice for clients that are looking for long term durability and easy maintenance .

If you or your business need a floor maintenance program that will help extend the life of your flooring please give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call at 813-929-1122!

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Office Cleaning During a Move

Posted by: Erin Meyer 11:31 am

Everyone with a business knows how difficult it is when, for whatever reason, it becomes necessary to move locations. Whether you are moving to a new city or just across theoffice cleaning tampa street moving is a daunting task. One of the biggest challenges in moving comes from cleaning out the old facility. Even if you have kept up on routine cleaning, you are bound to find stains, grime and dirt that you’ve become acclimated to over time. To make your task easier just follow the five cleaning tips below to make the process a bit easier.

Start Early and Plan Ahead

Don’t try to get it done at the last minute. Make an honest assessment of what needs doing in advance and give yourself lots of time to accomplish clearly articulated tasks. Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done and decide which day and week the job needs to be tackled.

Reduce the Clutter

office cleaning tampaBefore packing anything, make a list of the items you want to keep and what you need to dispose of before the move. Even though you will probably be keeping most of your furniture and equipment, any unwanted items should be donated or given away based on their condition. While no one wants to be wasteful, it not worth your time or money to move things you may need to replace when you move into your new location. Once you have thoughtfully created your list, you won’t waste time grabbing anything unimportant.

Go Room By Room

Now you’ve done your preparation work and it’s time to pack everything you’re taking with you. To help stay focused, start one room at a time and don’t move on to the next until you have crossed everything off your list.. This will help you stick to your schedule and also ensure a thorough cleaning of each room.

Start Big, Finish Small

Get the biggest, most important items out of each room first. Once everything has been moved, the room should be primed for cleaning.

Complete a Walkthrough

Once you have finished moving and cleaning everything, it’s time to make one final office cleaning servicewalkthrough to be sure everything on your checklist has been accomplished. Grab a small bucket of office cleaning supplies to carry with you for any last minute small office cleaning issues that may appear. When you have made your last walkthrough you can determine that you achieved your goal when you made your first lists.

It’s no surprise that moving is extremely stressful and is even more stressful when you are moving your business. Just follow these simple tips to make moving easier or better yet, call Gator Cleaning Solutions and let the professionals help you with your  office cleaning needs. Leave the stress to the professionals and focus on your business needs.

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Office Cleaning- Winning with Customer Service

Posted by: Erin Meyer 3:51 pm

The most important indicator of the success of a commercial cleaning business ismedical cleaning tampa customer satisfaction over time. As business owners we have to understand when we are meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers and when we are not. Only when we have reliable feedback can we determine if our customers are happy with their service or adjust to meet their needs in a more productive way.

So how do we win this ongoing and ever changing battle for customer satisfaction? First, we visit often and make it clear we want an honest appraisal of how the client feels about the services they are getting. Have things changed in any way? Are there additional services that can be provided? Are you making yourself flexible and accessible on a regular basis. Many cleaning companies make regular visits to clients to elicit feedback but this should not be the only way you obtain information from clients about the quality of your service.

Provide a well-planned and well-constructed survey to solicit feedback. Unfortunately a typical survey typically gets only a 2 to five percent response and that is not enough to provide reliable feedback. There are some ways to improve this response rate including:

office cleaning tampaSurveys should be short enough to be manageable and specific enough to address individual businesses and clients. If you routinely clean medical facilities and schools and other types of offices, create a survey for each of those types of facilities and that will make it more likely clients will respond.

Do not send surveys more than once a year since research tells us such surveys creates negative responses. The flip side of this is that surveys sent out just once a year may not pinpoint problems in a timely manner so critical response time may be provided.

The most exciting and innovative way to better obtain client feedback is through the use of technology. Some web based systems to solicit and record feedback are being used to really open up lines of communication without face to face meetings that can be time consuming and hard to maintain. Clients receive one question a day and the system analyzes the feedback immediately, this gives managers time to respond very quickly to concerns and grow customer satisfaction. These programs are available and might be very worth the cost as it cuts down on instances where a quick response will save an account and better service clients.

Gator Cleaning Solutions will use every tool available to maintain and grow customer satisfaction since it is our overriding priority as we serve the needs of our valuable clients. Call us for a free estimate.

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Keeping the Office Clean between Visits

Posted by: Erin Meyer 10:38 am

Keeping a busy office clean between services can sometimes seem like an impossible task!  One would think that the old saying more hands make light work would ring true but the reality is that more people in a facility just increases traffic, debris and the need for more upkeep!  A professional office cleaning service is a critical part of keeping a facility clean and healthy but there are also things you can do in between cleans to help maintain a productive and organized workspace. See these tips below to help keep your office looking great!

#1: Keep Desks clutter free and neat!

commercial cleaning tampaAt Gator Cleaning Solutions we instruct our cleaning technicians to only wipe the clean or clear areas of a desk and to not disturb and working areas.  Unless the desks are cleaned off periodically they may never get wiped down.  We instruct our clients to designate Fridays or at least one day a month to put everything in a drawer or on their chair so a proper clean can take place.

FUN FACT: It has been shown in studies the employees can be up to 30% more productive by keeping an organized  or clutter free workspace!

It can also play into employee health and absenteeism. Items on a person’s desk tend to harbor significant dust and bacteria.  In fact, the phone and keyboard can two of the must dirty items in an office!

#2: Take advantage of slow calendars

Summers or the holidays can be a perfect time to get the extra deep cleaning done whileoffice cleaning most businesses tend to slow down.  People being out on vacation or shortened business hours allows for extra services to be performed with less disruption to your day.  At Gator Cleaning Solutions we work with our clients to schedule services such as window cleaning , carpet cleaning or deep restroom tile and grout cleaning when it is convenient to the clients schedule.  Contracting a professional office cleaning company with comprehensive services can help save you time and stress in getting the extras done.  At Gator Cleaning Solutions we discount our extended services for our clients to help keep within budgets.

FUN FACT:  Scheduling regular maintenance can save you time and money in the long run by extending the life of you facilities materials such as HVAC, Flooring and Plumbing!

#3: Clean out that Fridge

The office fridge can quickly become overwhelmed with old lunches, office party dishestampa office cleaning and forgotten leftovers. Having old food in the fridge can not only pose an odor problem but can also attract unwanted rodents and pests. It can also create a health hazard for staff.  Gator Cleaning Solutions helps partner with office managers to provide a schedule for regular refrigerator empting and cleaning.  Much like employee desks, the refrigerator can host bacteria and regular cleaning is highly recommended.  We find it is best to periodically designate a clean out day and post a notice giving employees time to retrieve anything they don’t want thrown away.  Make sure your cleanout happens right before your professional cleaning company comes in so they can wipe down the trays and drawers leaving a fresh clean refrigerator for your staff.

FUN FACT:  Keeping the temperature in your fridge at 40 °F will help to make sure your refrigerated foods stay as safe as possible.

Tip #4 Keep up with Air Quality

There are few offices that no one suffers from allergies.  Keeping your air quality free of tampa floor cleaningdust and particles can help those that suffer keep comfortable. Gator Cleaning Solutions knows the tricks to keeping your office as clean as possible reducing irritants for your staff and customers.  Daily vacuuming really helps remove dust and allergens from the air but regular carpet deep cleaning is essential to good air quality. The best office cleaning can use a number of applications to keep moisture down while also deep cleaning floors.  Cleaning your HVAC ducts and filters also helps  ensure the air in your building is clean and fresh.

If your office cleaning company isn’t ding the job you want or the job they promised, it might be time to rethink your office cleaning.  Gator Cleaning Solutions has been partnering with Tampa Bay businesses for over a decade to help keep office clean and healthy.  We work hard to provide a top notch service while keeping within your budget!  Give us a call to get your free estimate!


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Commercial Cleaning Partnership for Success

Posted by: Erin Meyer 12:12 pm

Finding the right Commercial Cleaning Partner

Has your facility budget has been cut?  Do you need to find commercial cleaning prices floor cleaning, commercial cleaning tampathat are in line with your budgetary needs. Or maybe you have been doing  it on your own and now you need a professional commercial maintenance company, but there just isn’t a dedicated budget yet so you need to pull from other places to make it happen.

Or your just not getting the quality or consistency out of your current contractor and need to change it up a bit! Where ever you are in the process Gator Cleaning Solutions can help you sort through the numbers and determine a scope of work that will align with your budget and also leave your facility clean and healthy.  We work with all sizes of facilities and customize packages so that everyone feels good moving forward!

Those Offering Low Prices aren’t always the best fit!

When it comes to commercial cleaning in the Tampa market,  low cost is not the same as reasonable cost. You could select the lowest quote but many times the service will reflect a lack detail or consistency, you won’t actually get value from your commercial cleaning company. Due to the lack of start-up costs there are many people that try to start a cleaning business and without the experience and resources can leave you in a difficult situation. These are the kind of start-ups and “one man and a van” operations that often offer low bids that just are not livable. In time, they will ask you for more money or tack on extra charges or they will simply start doing less.

Stretching the Budget but keeping Quality

office cleaning tampaLow bid offers are hard to resist and human nature is to take it into consideration because let’s face it , we all have tight budgets and every little bit counts! The reality is that although these prices are attractive, it is much better to go with an established, professional, reputable commercial maintenance company. Why? It is only with a great amount of experience that professional cleaning companies can customize a cleaning schedule that will stretch you dollar but also provide a cleaning services to meet your facility needs. When quality service is paired with reasonable commercial cleaning prices, you get real value.

Putting together a Smart Cleaning Schedule is critical in stretching your dollar and getting the maximum value. The commercial cleaning industry has had to become nimble and flexible with recent economic crunches. The best of the best know that a cookie cutter scope of work that works line by line just isn’t the most efficient way to help keep a facility clean and certainly won’t work with tight budgets.   Finding areas that can be customized based on traffic patterns and activity can have significant impact of pricing strategies. Gator Cleaning Solutions can work with you and analyze your building to determine an individual plan for you and your facilities.

Find a one stop shop to help streamline your facility vendor needs

Some of the best janitorial service providers have also learned throughout the years to extend their services to other areas of facility needs to help streamline decision making foroffice cleaning property and facility managers.  We understand the daily grind and duties in keeping up a facility and at Gator Cleaning Solutions we work hard to employ the best in areas such as pressure washing, window cleaning and maintenance, floor cleaning and floor maintenance programs, construction clean up and more.  We try to be a one stop resource for our clients. Our clients trust us to provide a quality service at a fair price every time!  If we can’t do it we know someone who can!  This also helps us to keep in line with your budgetary needs by offering bulk services at a discounted rate!

Working with a REAL PRO has great VALUE

It is possible to get safe, healthy, consistently above average commercial cleaning that still is in line with your building services budget, but the lowest price isn’t always the best value. Working with reputable, local commercial cleaning company that offers customized programs designed to fit your facility and budgetary needs. Gator Cleaning has been serving the Tampa Bay area for more then a decade and prides itself in creating long lasting valuable relationships with our clients. As a Facility Manager, you will get more satisfaction from your commercial cleaning contractor or janitorial service if you find one that offers a partnership approach.

Give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call to secure your custom cleaning quote! Let us help keep your facility clean and healthy and your budget in tact!


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Is your Restroom Cleaning restricting business growth?

Posted by: Erin Meyer 11:21 am

Proper Restroom Cleaning 

No doubt people are turned off when encountering a dirty or smelly restroom but its morerestroom Cleaning then just the look or smell that should be concerning.  The benefits of a clean restroom environment far surpass just aesthetics and can be critical to a business’s success.  If you haven’t enlisted a professional cleaning service to take care of your restrooms then you may not realize that your restrooms are sending your values customers and employees running for the hills.  Professional restroom cleaning services are trained technicians that can identify potential problems before they get out of control or too costly.

If your restroom have the following signs, you should consider consulting a professional:

  • Waste receptacles are typically full and sometimes overflow onto the floor
  • Noticeable odor when entering the restroom
  • Paper products and/or soap dispenser run low and have been reported empty by patrons in the past
  • Sinks and fixtures appear dirty or have soap scum accumulated around drains and handles
  • commercial cleaning tampaSoap drips are noticeable on walls or backsplash
  • Standing water sits on counter not allowing patrons a place to put belonging so they can properly wash their hands
  • Sanitary disposal containers have old trash in them and/or are broken or in disrepair.
  • Restroom partitions and stalls have visible dirt, grime, fingerprints or graffiti.
  • Floors have visible grime in the grout lines or have been mopped but corners and based boards appears unfinished
  • Floor drains have visibly soiled, dust and debris buildup.

The unfortunate reality around unclean public restrooms is that it will not go unnoticed and in the competitive world we live in we need to keep our customers coming back time and time again.  Poorly maintained restrooms can also have a significant impact on employees and their health.  Unsanitary restrooms can lead to:

  • Increased sick days
  • Decreased Productivity
  • Decreased Morale
  • Lost Sales
  • Decreased Employee Satisfaction

People inherently want to be proud of where they work and will take pride in their work if they feel part of an organization that values a clean and healthy workplace.

A Restroom Cleaning Service Can Have A Big Impact On Your Bottom Line

Facility restrooms are often ignored because no one wants to do the work. The right office cleaning tampacommercial cleaning service can keep your office restrooms clean so that you can reap the benefits of a clean, healthy and welcoming workplace.  Be sure your restroom cleaning services know how to properly clean a restroom and isn’t just spreading germs an bacteria around.  Believe it or not there is a proper process to keeping restrooms clean.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been providing commercial cleaning services to businesses for more then a decade and we pride ourselves on a high quality service with trained technicians to ensure customer satisfaction.  Give us a call if your restroom cleaning service isn’t meeting your expectations!


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Tile and Grout Cleaning- Top Misconceptions

Posted by: Erin Meyer 5:23 pm

Tile and Grout Cleaning — STOP! Don’t Use Bleach!

Bleach is one of the first things people grab when a tile and grout surface gets dirty and dingy, smelly and discolored.

tile and grout

Even though bleach is great for general cleaning, as far as cleaning tile, this is a misconception. The only thing bleach will do is simply disinfect, which is good, and it will even whiten surfaces and remove stains, which is why people choose it for tile and grout cleaning and removing  contaminants and stains. The bad news is that if people frequently use bleach it will weaken the structure of the grout and cause it to deteriorate and become brittle faster. For people to continue to believe in the myth will cause serious problems with your tile and grout surface, but not only bleach, other myths can also be destructive as well.

The Five Most Common Misconceptions

  • Acids are safer for tile and grout cleaning.
    REALITY: This is another common myth that people try to fix their tile and grout issues, which is, to say the least, problematic. Even though they may be good at cleaning the tile, when used often, or used too strong, they can be harsh and cause damage like eroding the grout and emitting vapors, which will tarnish fixtures like stainless partitions and faucets. If you must use acids, use only those who are specifically made for applications to tile and grout surfaces.
  • To eliminate stubborn stains in grout joints, use a wire brush and aggressive scrubbing.
    Tile and Grout Cleaning tampaREALITY: Another misconception that people should never do as this method can damage the grout. People should never use a brush any harsher than a soft or medium bristle along with a solution that cleans and emulsifies the dirt to enable a wet vac to remove it.
  • A most effective way to do tile and grout cleaning is by using a mop.
    REALITY: It can be if done correctly. The correct way to mop a tile and grout floor is by

    • Using clean water to mop – If you do not use clean water, you will only be swirling the dirt around leaving a grimy and dull look when it dries.
    • More clean water to rinse.
    • After you mop and rinse the floor with clean water, remove all moisture using a wet vac.

TIP: As most residences do not have a wet vac, utilize a dry mop and/or towels to remove all moisture.

This insures all moisture is gone from the grout as well since the grout is not flush with the tile surface and tends to act like troughs. If the tile and grout floor has not been sealed, mop water will eventually get into the grout joints.

  • To promote better cleaning, leave soapy water on the tile surface.
    REALITY:Even though this method may help to loosen the dirt, never leave soapy water to dry because soapy residue is tacky and will draw dirt like a magnet. Always rinse the tile and grout floor with clean water, completely before using a wet vac.
  • By sealing a tile and grout floor, you will no longer have to worry about contamination or the need of maintenance.
    REALITY:No, not entirely. Although proper cleaning and sealing of the tile and grouttile cleaning floor will reduce the need of maintenance, constant wear and tear will eventually erode the sealer in high traffic areas. This makes it necessary to periodically clean and refresh the sealer to continue to effectively repel food stains and dirty mop water.

In addition, because there is no such thing as a self cleaning floor, there will have to be routine sweeping and mopping.  Getting a professional to do the job once a year can make maintaining your tile and grout much easier! Professional equipment is designed to penetrate the grout without disrupting the grouts integrity and giving it a thorough clean. If you need some professional help getting your tile and grout looking new again and sealing it to ensure is stays looking new then call

Gator Cleaning Solutions at


Get the Scoop on Tile and Grout Cleaning

Posted by: Erin Meyer 1:08 pm

tile and grout cleaning tampaLets begin by answering the question:

 Why do I need Grout in my house?

Ceramic tile is held in place with grout. It keeps liquids that spill over tubs and sinks from degrading tile and penetrating the spaces around the tile. This is the most common use for grout which is most often white but can be stained any color desired. Grout is a mortar like substance made up of sand, water and cement. It dries quickly and becomes rock hard. the other compound that is similar to grout is caulk. You can tell the difference between the two because while grout dries solid, caulk never dries rock solid but appears more like tooth paste.

Both grout and caulk share the same problem when needing to be cleaned. Both can be attacked by black mold and mildew and while these problems cause an unsightly appearance, they are a health risk as well.

So how do professional commercial and residential cleaning companies handle cleaning grout and caulking? Both can be addressed with the same cleaning products and procedures that are safe and effective for use. The cheapest method is also the best and is all natural. Mix one half cup of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water and put it in a spray bottle Spray your grout with the solution. If the grout or caulk is tough to clean take a tooth brush and scrub. Toothbrushes will not scratch or mar the surfaces. You may also use an electric toothbrush for difficult jobs.

Keep in mind this practice is great for basic upkeep although it can be taxing on the hands and arms and time consuming.  For large areas, it is still most effective to hire a professional at least one time a year for tile and grout cleaning to bring in state of the art equipment and couple it with psi, heat and commercial grade chemicals to get beneath the surface and release stains and bacteria.  They also can seal the grout so that the look will last longer and make it much easier to keep clean.

Grout cleaning hillsboroughSome will advise adding bleach to your solution but bleach is a major pollutant as are many environmentally unfriendly commercial cleaning products available on the market today.   

You will be cleaning your grout less frequently in your kitchen and bathrooms if these areas are equipped with a ventilation system or exhaust fan that takes the moisture out of the air. Be sure to assess often whether your grout or caulk needs to be replaced. If it is cracked or missing pieces you might need to invest in replacing the grout to extend the life of your tile.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been cleaning tile and grout as well as carpets for nearly a decade and would be happy to help you with any of your flooring needs. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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Does your house have a funky smell? Tile and Grout may be the cause!

Posted by: Erin Meyer 1:10 pm

Tile and Grout CleaningThere is nothing more frustrating and distracting then a home that has a funky smell.  There are so many possibilities as to why a home can smell and what we have learned time and time again is that it typically comes from the floor.  Think about it, the floors endure the most traffic, the most spills and even though we clean them often they also have the most germs.

In a recent study, researchers at the University of Arizona found nine different species of bacteria on people’s shoes. These types of bacteria can cause infections in our stomachs, eyes and lungs.  The study also found bacteria live longer on our shoes than in other places. As we walk, we constantly pick up new debris that feeds the growth of more bacteria. The researchers tested to see if bacteria on shoes would transfer to the tile floors in a house. More than 90 percent of the time it did. Carpeting harbors bacteria even more so even though you are cleaning the floors regularly it should be no surprise that the occasional odor can take over the house.

This icarpet cleaning tampas where a professional tile and grout cleaning can really help!  Tile and grout cleaning will not only restore the beauty of your floors and grout but it will also provide a deep and thorough cleaning of the surface and allow for you to seal the floor making it easier to clean.  A deep tile cleaning can also cure strange smells and odors. Most smells arise are from pets, improper chemical usage, and lack of maintenance all together. Tile cleaning is not only a weekly task, but an impossible task to upkeep for periods longer than a year. Especially if one has large family’s, multiple pets, or smaller homes verses bigger homes. The more traffic you have, the faster your floors get dirty and smelly too!

Gator Cleaning Solutions Tile and Grout Cleaning can help you pinpoint where the odor may be coming from and suggest a proper solution.  Sometimes we find it isn’t the tile at all and there is another issue happening in the home.

 Use some of the tips below to help avoid some typical factors in a smelly home:

    • Avoid smoking in the house
    • Use an active enzyme in the restroom around the toilet for urine smells
    • Wipe spills quickly and thoroughly to avoid absorption
    • Keep the trash area off the tile and grout and in an easily cleaned can
    • Have a NO SHOES in the house rule
    • Have your tile and grout and carpets cleaned annually to avoid permanent staining and extend the life your floors!

Just because you have a funky smell doesn’t mean you are a poor housekeeper or that you and your family aren’t clean!  The busier we get with life and running around the harder it becomes to keep up with proper floor maintenance.  That coupled with the fact that most floor surfaces are porous and they need deep cleaning more often then they usually get it!

Book your no obligation floor quote today and you will be pleasantly surprised in the value you receive as it will make your cleaning so much more effective throughout the year!

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Tile and Grout Cleaning requires a Professional

Posted by: Erin Meyer 1:11 pm

Tile and Grout cleaning TampaTile grout professional vs. do it yourself is really no-brainer when it comes to being effective and efficient. We have had countless calls that typically go like this:

A frantic homeowner who just got off there hands and knees and say’s: “I need help, I have been scrubbing my tile and grout over the last 2 hours, and I haven’t gotten 1/4 of the floors cleaned…”

Time after time we get to a customer’s  house and they are just exhausted and ready to pay just about anything to finish or restart cleaning up the mess! They are literally throwing themselves into our arms! The problem with trying to clean your own floors is that it typically triggers other problems that are more then just “hard work”!  Many people grab chemicals from what’s usually under the sink or some even research on the internet, and talk to friends and family about what work’s the best.  Chemicals that are put on your tile and grout can be damaging, and furthermore irreversible. Problems that typically occur result in discoloration, disintegration of grout, and even scarring of the tile.  It may seem very simple to put some chemical down and grab an old toothbrush and get started but believe it or not, there are different procedures based on the type of floor and grout you have and it isn’t always that simple.  Recently a new and now loyal customer had used a vinegar solution on her travertine floor and grout.  When we asked why she choose vinegar she said that online suggested the neutral vinegar to clean her ceramic tile.   We took the opportunity to educate her on the type of floor which was a natural stone (travertine) and that all that hard work had Tile and Grout brandonactually damaged her beautiful floor leaving small scratches or etching in the stone.  Luckily it wasn’t too bad and we were able to help her clean it up and seal it to prevent other potential damage.  Using just any chemicals or do it yourself method can leave you very frustrated and less then satisfied with the results. In most if not all cases, your tile grout will recover up to 95% back to it’s original condition and we can usually complete most jobs in less than 3 hours.

Gator Cleaning Solutions is fully insured and has been providing tile and grout cleaning and carpet cleaning for nearly a decade in the Tampa Bay area including Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Carollwood, Westchase, Temple Terrace and even into Hernando county.  Give us a call for a no obligation quote to help you get your floors look great again!

What are you waiting for? For more information on getting professional tile grout cleaning service visit us today!

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