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Keep Your Beautiful Stone Counters and Floors Looking Like New

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:39 am

stone kitchenNatural stone has become the must-have element for many homeowners. There is no equal to the unique beauty that natural stone offers, whether it is marble, granite, quartz or other types of stone counters or flooring. However, even though natural stone products are prized for their durability, they still require specialized cleaning, polishing and sealing to keep them looking their best for many years to come.

Maintaining Your Home’s Natural Stone

If you have invested in the beauty of natural stone in your home, protect that investment by maintaining your stone’s surface with regular maintenance. Continue reading

Recipe for a Clean Kitchen

Posted by: Erin Meyer 1:51 pm

Every year in this country there are more then 11,000 kitchen fires reported in restaurants. ForRestaurant Cleaning this reason commercial kitchens are required by law to be inspected by a certified and qualified company every three to six months. In order to remain safe, kitchen staff must ensure that all kitchen hoods, exhausts, vents and ducts receive routine maintenance.

When a professional commercial cleaning company is called in to service a restaurant
they will look at several areas such as grease traps, deep fryers, stoves, ovens, open grills, duct work and ventilation systems. After inspecting all of these areas, they will pay careful attention to your kitchens air flow and check to be sure you are in compliance with fire codes and other safety issues critical to maintaining a safe and healthy kitchen.

Restroom CleaningBecause this is an imperative in any restaurant, large or small, it is usually best attended to by a professional, commercial cleaning service rather then your kitchen staff or janitor. Commercial cleaning companies are specifically trained in all the proper technologies  and are knowledgable in detecting dangerous issues or complications with your exhaust setup or hood.  They will also have state of the art products and processes to ensure safety for all your staff and clients. This is an area where money well spent will pay off in every way.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been servicing the Tampa Bay Area cleaning all types of commercial properties including restaurants. Call us today for a free estimate and let us share our expertise with you in maintaining a safe and clean kitchen that will keep fire marshals, health inspectors and insurance companies happy in the years to come.

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