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Cleaning Carpets and Ridding Odor

Posted by: Erin Meyer 3:47 pm

Knowing how important first impressions are to clients and customers, it’s no wonder thattampa carpet cleaning professional commercial cleaning companies go to great lengths to keep areas not only clean but fresh smelling as well. While most people associate odors with restrooms many time odors stem from neglected carpets or carpets that have been cleaned improperly. Although carpet odors are uncommon they are important because when someone comes into a facility they will judge the cleanliness of that facility with their nose. It is vital to keep odors neutralized as foul carpet odors can have an effect not only on customers but also on office and building occupants and custodial staff as well.

Carpets usually comprise the major portion of a surface area of a floor and proper care impacts the appearance, health and asset preservation in many significant ways. If you allow carpets to develop odors you are inevitably setting yourself up for a major capital outlay for replacement or serious indoor air quality problems that could lead to health related litigation. A professional commercial cleaning company will work with you to develop a strategy to protect your assets and maintain your carpets over time.

Carpets don’t smell bad but odors arise from what’s inside carpets. Food, soil, human or carpet cleaning new port richeyanimal waste and pollen became a source of odor if they get stuck over time in carpet fibers or backing material. In addition to these contaminants, moisture can be an issue. There are a whole host of issues that can produce moisture including floods or spills, over wetting during cleaning or high humidity. Wet carpets can produce mold or mildew which can quickly cause a stench.

Carpet is like a sponge soaking up water and like a sponge it’s often difficult to see that a sponge is full until too late. If the process you are using to clean the carpet is poor in quality it will exacerbate your problem. Poorly maintained vacuums or extractors can leave soil and dirt behind in carpets and insufficient or incorrect vacuuming or improper extraction can leave a layer of soap which will make your carpet more likely to become dirty in a short period of time. Also problematic are using the wrong cleaning chemicals, using too much water, inadequate ventilation or incomplete rinsing.

All in all, cleaning carpets is a daunting task and must be done correctly in order to preventcarpet cleaning trinity odors and preserve the life of your carpet. Carpet cleaning and odor removal is one of the most unique challenges in the cleaning industry. It is the only three dimensional surfaces that we clean on a daily basis. Trust your carpet cleaning and maintenance to your professional commercial cleaning company.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been serving the Tampa Bay area with complete carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and floor care services for more then 10 years.  We are a family owned and operated cleaning company that treats each customer with care and fairness.  Give us a call for a custom floor care quote!  813-929-1122

Keeping Carpets Clean and Odor Free

Posted by: Erin Meyer 2:06 pm

Usually when the office smells the fingers point towards the  restrooffice cleaning tampaoms or kitchen. Many times improper carpet maintenance can leave an office smelling foul and unkempt.  Office cleaning services can help keep dust and debris from piling up but scheduled carpet cleaning is a must in keeping optimal air quality.

Steam cleaning with professional extraction equipment has become the preferred technique of the industry for a number of reasons but the most important is that is leaves the carpet with little moisture. In the past shampooing carpet was the most popular but dry time was extensive and sometimes carpet would begin to mold if not properly cleaned.  Gator Cleaning Solutions uses a state of the art truck mounted steam/extraction technique which typically dries rather quickly reducing re-soiling and the potential for mold.

Top 5 Reasons to have your carpet professionally Cleaned Every 12 Months

  1.  Almost all carpet companies require you to professionally steam clean your carpet every 12 to 24 months, to keep your warranty valid.
  2. Indoor air quality can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality, if you don’t clean your flooring, clean your drapes and let air inside regularly.
  3. Only professional carpet cleaning machines can truly extract all the steam’s carpet cleaning tampamoisture from the carpet when you’re done cleaning. The results of trying to do it yourself can lead to mold.
  4. To maintain the look and integrity of your carpet, vacuum twice weekly between professional carpet cleaning. Tip: Vacuuming slowly allows a vacuum cleaner to do its best work by vibrating carpet fibers and containing dust in the vacuum.
  5. Carpet lifespans range with quality — some well-made varieties are made to last up to 15 years if kept dust-free and maintained according to manufacturer.  Tip: Low pile, natural fiber such as wool will provide reduced level of care and longer lifespan.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been providing floor care services to the Tampa Bay area for more then a decade.  We are proud of our level of service and each technician is professionally trained and certified to complete carpet cleaning services.  We guarantee our work and leave our customers more then satisfied! If you would like a free estimate on carpet care/ tile and grout cleaning or another floor care service please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at


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Carpet Care and Cleaning – Keeping a Healthy Home!

Posted by: Erin Meyer 10:51 am

Carpet Care and Cleaning

There could be something lurking in your home that is actually making you ill – and youcarpet care and cleaning wouldn’t even know about it. With improper carpet care and cleaning it can lurk anywhere – including: Bathrooms and kitchens, especially under sinks – particularly leaky ones. Behind or under appliances that hide slow plumbing leaks (refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.) Roof leaks, around windows where condensation collects, high humidity areas of your home, and even fabrics and carpets – through leaks or through bad/cheap carpet care and cleaning, caused by over wetting.

We are of course talking about mold, and in this article we are going to focus on bad cleaning. You may have experienced this before? Most people find themselves fed up with dirty carpets and decide in that moment to hire a professional.  You either Google “Carpet Cleaning” and find a website with a deal – or you perhaps you respond to a cheap leaflet  left on your door? It has happened to all of us. Timing is everything and most of our customers come by referral we also get many phone call by way of Google or advertising.
But lets first find out what this mould can do to you, it’s not just harmless black spots that’s for sure. It can cause:
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Headache, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and visual disturbances
  • Immune system disturbances and fatigue
  • GI problems
  • Shortness of breath
Fungi grow by releasing reproductive cells (spores) into the air, just as plants reproduce by spreading seeds. The airborne spores are invisible to the naked eye, which is a major reason mold is such a problem. It is not uncommon to find hundreds or even thousands of mold spores per cubic foot of indoor air. Spores are extremely small (1-100 microns) – 20 million spores would fit on a postage stamp.
commercial cleaningSpores can survive harsh environmental conditions, such as dryness, that do not support normal mould growth. In fact, many spores can lie dormant for decades until favorable conditions allow them to spring back to life.
Mould is a type of fungus, as are mushrooms and yeast. There are between 100,000 and 400,000 types of fungi (estimates vary), and of these, scientists have identified more than 1,000 types of mold growing inside houses across America for instance. Moulds are classified into three groups according to human responses:
Allergenic Moulds: These don’t usually produce life-threatening effects and are most problematic if you are allergic or asthmatic. The challenge is in figuring out what you are sensitive to. Children are particularly susceptible to mould allergies.
Pathogenic Moulds: These produce some sort of infection, which is of particular concern if your immune system is suppressed. They can cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis, an acute response resembling bacterial pneumonia. An example is Aspergillus fumigatus, which can grow in the lungs of immune-compromised individuals.
Toxigenic Moulds (aka “toxic moulds”): These dangerous moulds produce mycotoxins, which can have serious health effects on almost anyone. Possible reactions include immunosuppression and cancer. Mycotoxins are chemical toxins present within or on the surface of the mould spore, which you then unwittingly inhale, ingest, or touch. An example of this is aflatoxin, one of the most potent carcinogens known to mankind. Aflatoxin grows on peanuts and grains, and on some other foods.
Some mould compounds are volatile and released directly into the air, known as microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs). Fragments of the cell walls of moulds (glucans) can also be inhaled and cause inflammatory respiratory reactions, including a flu-like illness called Organic Dust Toxic Syndrome (ODTS).
According to mycotoxin expert Dr. Harriet Ammann, exposure to indoor moulds can damage the systems of your body in the following ways:
So having excessive moisture in your home really is not good for you. If you have had a bad experience with a cleaner – using cheap, weak equipment, thus leaving your carpets too wet – often for days on end, then next time make sure that they really do have the most powerful cleaning system available (regardless of them saying so on their websites – it’s just sales talk). This way you should never get a serious mould problem – possibly giving you health issues again. If the equipment is NOT the most powerful, then it simply cannot extract as much moisture possible, a simple fact.

Please download the PDF below for guidance on how to screen for your carpet cleaninggator wrap 1company!  Gator Cleaning Solutions uses state of the art equipment with a money back guarantee! Call 813-929-1122!

Save Money Around the Home with the Help of a Professional Cleaning Service

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:40 am

25790815_sThere comes of time of year, traditionally in Spring for some people, but for Floridians it can happen any time when extensive cleaning projects get tackled. It is also a time where people tend to get rid of old furniture and replace flooring. During this time of frenzied and industrious cleaning, it is important to take a few moments and consider hiring a professional cleaning service to give your furniture and/or floors a fresh new look, instead of replacing them entirely. Continue reading

The Top Three Worst Pet Problems in Your Home

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:16 am

28094772_sWe’re a nation of pet-lovers. From our faithful felines to our beloved pooches, we love our pets and welcome them as an integral part of the family.

Whilst pets offer plenty of love and entertainment in the home, they’re not so great for our furniture or carpets! The fact is, pets create plenty of mess throughout the house, and it takes time and money to make sure that the situation doesn’t get out of hand. Continue reading

Looking After Your New Home: Top Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:01 am

19250382_sYou’ve purchased your first home and now you’re looking forward to settling in and starting a new life as a home owner. These are exciting times, but it’s important to be fully prepared when you make the step from renting (or living with mom and dad) to having a place of your own.

Here are a few key things that you need to maintain in your new home, with advice about what to do should the worst happen.

Tips for Looking After Your New Home

  1. Check for Leaks. Leaks can occur in a number of places in the home, and it’s important to spot them early, before they cause damage or allow mold to take hold. Key areas prone to leaking include your roof, the kitchen (particularly around the sink, your appliances and behind the refrigerator) and the bathroom, especially around the shower, bath-tub or sink. Continue reading

Getting Your Property Prepared for Rental: A Guide to Cleaning

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:43 am

rental propertyRenting a property can be a lucrative business, especially if you’ve got a range of properties to manage. However, it’s not without its stress, as you’re already no doubt aware. Your tenants have certain rights, and as their landlord, it’s important to meet these requirements in order to stay within the law.

Providing Acceptable Living Standards Continue reading

Successful Home Selling: Cleaning Your Home in Order to Sell

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:38 am

cleaning housePutting your home on the market is a nerve-wracking experience. Chances are that you might have already seen your ideal new house already, which means that the pressure is on to sell your existing one!

When time is of the essence and you need to make a speedy sale, it’s important to have the know-how about how to make your home as appealing as possible to your target audience. Every viewing has to count, and if your home isn’t looking spotless, you could be losing out on that all-important offer. Continue reading

After the Flood: Cleaning Your Home after Flooding and Preventing Long-Term Water Damage to Your Flooring

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:52 am

house floodHere in Florida, the wet season is approaching; and with it come the inevitable concerns about flooding.

Flood water is one of the most significant causes of long-term home damage in the state, and while it might not always be possible to avoid flood waters entirely, it is possible, with the right cleaning measures, to keep negative long-term effects to a minimum.

Hiring professional cleaning services in Florida is a far better approach than taking on the task of cleaning by yourself, if you want to avoid undue stress and ensure that the job is done properly. Continue reading