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The Importance of Quality Restroom Cleaning

Posted by: Erin Meyer 2:03 pm

One of the major goals of any commercial cleaning company is to maintain impeccably clean restrooms for their employees and clients. Restroom cleaning can be challenging office cleaning tampabecause the expectation is that when you use a public restroom it will be clean but the reality is that restroom facilities see a great deal of activity and can become dirty very quickly. Restroom sanitation must be a priority, with frequency of use and many touch points and hot spots for transferring germs and increased exposure to bio-hazardous waste, restrooms pose a most daunting challenge. Restrooms must not only look clean, they must be clean.  Restrooms harbor germs and bacteria that can make people sick and sick employees cost companies resources and can translate directly to the bottom line.

So how can an office manager know that restrooms are really clean and what are the signs that there is trouble brewing in your restrooms? If soil, smudges or dirt is visible on or restroom cleaning tampaaround door handles, your restroom could be a perfect breeding ground for disease causing germs. If you can detect a smell or distinct bathroom odor, your restroom isn’t really clean. Other areas to watch for include sinks, mirrors and floors. If dirt is visible on the floors and if soap and paper towels are not properly stocked you know it is time to look for a new cleaning service.

There has been a shift in the science of cleaning with the abandonment of the old mop and bucket- based cleaning. With a growing awareness of the high standards of hygiene and the concern about preventing cross contamination especially in restrooms, professional cleaning companies have become very serious about eradicating toxins and pathogens that might be lurking in your office restrooms.

Science based restroom cleaning using microfiber floor cleaning and color coded rag systems can prevent cross contamination and are much more effective than the old way of cleaning. Science based cleaning also extends to the procedures and products that are used to clean as well as on-going training of cleaning company workers. Industry best practices like cleaning first, then disinfecting properly reduces disease causing bacteria and germs.

So what can you expect to see if your office or facility restroom are being properly cleaned?  You should see:

  •                 Clean, shiny and streak-free mirrors
  •                 Areas behind toilets and other hard-to-reach areas are properly cleaned to   destroy odors
  •                 Hot spots and high contact touch points should be cleaned methodically
  •                 Toilets and urinals should be cleaned, dried and disinfected
  •                 Dryers, paper dispensers and other restroom fixtures should be inspected for functionality
  •                 Supplies like toilet paper, hand towels should be restocked as needed
  •                 Stalls and partitions should be free of grime, fingerprints, gum and graffiti
  •                 Your office restroom should always smell fresh and clean

The best news is that the most effective professional cleaning companies who understand how to really keep tour restrooms clean and well maintained won’t cost you any more than those who don’t do the job.  Gator Cleaning Solutions has been serving Restaurant owners, commercial property managers and administrators manage and keep their facilities looking great for more then a decade.  Give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call to schedule your free no obligation quote at 813-929-1122

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Helping your Business Sparkle!

Posted by: Erin Meyer 10:27 am

First impressions are critical for business success! When your clients walk in or employees settle into their desks they need to know that you care about the environment they work and buy in.  There are few worse things than a filthy or smelly facility to greet cleaning tampa

Studies have shown that a clean work space is conducive to productivity and cuts down on sick days in comparison to a healthier environment. You can keep your business clean and healthy by using Gator Cleaning Solutions for your office cleaning needs and reap all of the benefits of having a tidy work space.

Gator Cleaning Solutions offers a one stop solution for your facility by providing a menu of services to choose from. This way we can customize the cleaning approach to your specific needs.

Some of the Services Gator Cleaning Solutions Offers:
  1. Complete Janitorial Services
  2. Day Porter Services
  3. Complete Floor Cleaning and Refinishing Services
  4. Carpet Cleaning
  5. Pressure Washing
  6. Window Cleaning
  7. Construction Cleaning Services
  8. Move in and Move out Cleaning
  9. Upholstery Cleaning Services
  10. Restroom Cleaning
  11. Terminal Cleaning
Some of the Facilities Gator Cleaning Solutions Cleans:
  • Schoolsoffice cleaning service tampa
  • Medical Offices and Hospitals
  • General Office Space
  • Day Cares
  • Car Dealerships
  • Assisted Living
  • Restroom Cleaning Services
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Construction Site Cleaning



As you can see, Gator Cleaning Solutions provides a wide range of services to suite your business’s needs!

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been serving the Tampa Bay area with office cleaning services for more then 14 year years and pride ourselves in an unsurpassed level of customer service.  We work hard to use the most innovative products and tools to ensure each of our clients are more then satisfied with our commercial cleaning services.  If you would like a free estimate for your office cleaning needs please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at 813-929-1122!






Keeping your Office Clean and Healthy

Posted by: Erin Meyer 9:55 am

There is no more serious concern in the professional commercial cleaning business thanmedical office cleaning tampa cross contamination and one of the ways the industry is fighting this important battle is by implementing color-coded cleaning systems. In hospitals, restaurants, schools and offices sickness can spread rapidly through cross contamination. If a janitor, cleaning staff member or custodian touches something that has been infected or contaminated and then uses a cloth or mop and transfers it to another surface untold negative results can occur. Gator Cleaning Solutions has been using a color coded cleaning system for years to help partner with our customers in avoiding cross contamination in facility cleaning.

Colored wipes and tools can reduce this problem dramatically and prevent contagions. An example of this is although restrooms represent only 5% of a buildings space, they house over 80% of the germs in any given location.  You don’t want to mop a floor in a room where patients have been treated and then use that same mop to clean a bathroom floor or a workroom. It is expected that workers clean their tools properly and then put them away but that doesn’t always happen the way it should. You need to be assured that people are doing the right thing and color coding helps with this consistency.

office cleaningThe most important facility where this is beyond critical is the health care industry. High profile incidents of hospital-acquired infections have increased serious attention to developing systems to help combat this problem. Color-coding makes it easier to teach the systems to workers and ultimately provide a much more professional and consistent result while lowering the occurrence of HAI in health care facilities.

Another benefit of developing these systems is the large number of workers in the industry who speak English as a second language. Color-coding helps bridge the language barrier as workers can more easily understand which areas are cleaned with which color. In addition to simplifying the cleaning process by labeling tools and products by color, there are charts available to reinforce the process with simple visual cues.

All of these new color-coding materials will help streamline procedures and make consistent cleaning more effective especially in the area of cross contamination. For your custom cleaning quote give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call 813-929-1122!

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Restroom Cleaning Reality

Posted by: Erin Meyer 2:50 pm

The reality is that cleaning restrooms is not a fun and glamorous job however it is a criticaloffice cleaning tampa component of facility upkeep and can often times be an Achilles heel to a business.  At Gator Cleaning Solutions we truly understand the importance of restroom cleanliness on two equal fronts:

First Impressions and what your restroom says about your business:

First impressions are in fact lasting and can be the only chance you get to tell your staff and clients that you care about them in the most fundamental sense.  Keeping a clean and healthy environment tells people that you recognize quality, that you are organized and pay attention to detail and have pride in your brand , service and product.  On the flip side if a client or potential employee walks into your business and finds the office cluttered with boxes and paperwork, dirty dishes in the sink and a urine smell in the restroom they may walk right out or certainly think twice about returning.

restroom cleaning tampaRestrooms can be difficult to maintain if not properly trained or if there is a lack of knowledge around which chemicals and treatments to use.  When surveyed, patron’s negative feedback is almost always restroom cleanliness.  Sometimes the restroom can be clean but still have a lingering smell.  Unfortunately urine and other substances get trapped in floor grout and in drains making it difficult to correct.  A professional commercial cleaning service can help eliminate and manage restroom odor.   Protect your brand and invest in a professional office cleaning service!

Restroom Contamination can pose serious Health Risks:

Not only can a dirty restroom cause potential business to walk away but it can also have significant impact on your health and bottom line.  Removing dirt and grime will help with first impressions and the aesthetics of your facility but a deep clean and disinfection will provide lasting health benefits to anyone who enter the building.

Sanitizing: Reduces the germ load on an area to a safer level and is suggested by health office cleaning tampaofficials.

Disinfecting: Kills germs on areas with use of targeted chemicals specifically designed to eliminate bacteria and disease

Keeping your employees healthy means more productivity and less absenteeism.  Gator Cleaning Solutions has been partnering with businesses, schools and medical clinics for more then 10 years and we use state of the art equipment and products to ensure we are doing our part in keeping clients facilities clean and healthy.  Some our tools are:

Color coded microfiber rags- Used to avoid cross contamination and the spread of bacteria

HEPA Filtered Vacuums- Traps harmful particles that would normally be redistributed

Kaivic Machines- In the right environment this machine can be a perfect solution to removing harmful bacteria in a time efficient manner.

restroom cleaning tamaIt’s important to recognize the fact that sometimes, you’re going to need expert help. Look for a professional office cleaning service in Tampa Bay (or indeed, wherever your business is situated) and hire them on a regular basis to come in and return your office to optimum levels of cleanliness. – See more at:

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The Evolution of Hand Dryers

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:18 am

Interesting read by:Matthew Teribery

The Evolution of Hand Dryers

At sporting events, concerts, airports and other public venues, most Americans make a necessary visit to the restroom at least once.

And most people — three out of four adults, according to a recent survey by The Trending Machine — have at least one complaint about public restrooms.

More than a third cited a lack of proper supplies, including paper towels, among their complaints. We all have been there. We wash our hands only to find the restroom’s paper towel dispenser empty. For years, electric hand dryers were a source of restroom angst as well.

Drying With The Times

First established in the 1940s, electric dryers were once limited to metal boxes with a pushRestroom Cleaning hand dryers button emitting hot air and loud noise for 60 seconds, and after this you hoped to have dry hands.

Poor reviews and low customer satisfaction finally caught up to manufacturers.

In the last decade, electric dryers have been modernized with sleek designs coupled with energy-efficient technologies reducing noise, eliminating germs and often drying hands in 15 seconds or less.

“In the last five years, manufacturers have made significant improvements in hand dryer efficiency, all the while improving customer satisfaction and saving facilities thousands of dollars spent on paper, cleaning supplies, trash removal and landfill costs,” Mike Conlan, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of, says. “New technologies are enabling hand dryers to dry hands in 10 seconds or less, and divert the spread of germs.”

Conlan understands the impact that the electric hand dryer industry is making on facilities.

In 2010 he saw an increasing opportunity for demand in electric hand drying products.

The products’ technology and functionality were improving at a time when facilities were looking for ways to reduce paper use and cut costs while being more eco-friendly and pleasing patrons.

Many facilities are placing a higher priority on customer satisfaction by upgrading their restrooms as well.

Soldier Field Case Study

In 2012 Soldier Field in Chicago replaced its paper towel dispensers with high-speed, high-efficiency hand dryers.

The 63,000-capacity stadium is home to the Chicago Bears and other year-round events, and facility management places a high priority on restroom cleanliness.

Since making the switch, management has cited numerous benefits, including cost-savings from less use of paper towels, cleaner washrooms and no more trash overflow.

Patrons are citing cleaner restrooms with the dryers enabling them to return to their seats faster; customer feedback has been positive.

“At many facilities, first impressions are everything, and this includes restroom cleanliness,” Conlan adds. “Patrons remember great restrooms, and they remember the really bad ones as well. The quality of a facility’s restroom often impacts a customer’s decision to return to that facility.”

Manufacturers are placing a high priority on developing new technologies for more energy-efficient products, faster drying and less noise.

Patrons used to spend 30 to 60 seconds in front of an electric dryer; now with improved dryer technologies, hands can be dried within 10 seconds or less.

Universal voltage enables the dryers to fit most electric specification environments, from 100 to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz.

Patrons don’t want to hear the once-familiar loud hand drying noise coming from a nearby restroom.

Products now are being made with quieter motors, making them ideal for sports arenas, schools and libraries where outside noise must be kept to a minimum.

Environmental Impact

Clean Restaurant bath-resized-600Today’s hand dryers also use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases than the production of paper towels.

They can reduce the environmental impacts caused by paper towel use, including saving trees from paper towel production as well as reducing the burden on already clogged landfills.

Studies have shown that production of one ton of virgin paper towels requires consumption of 450 gallons of oil, 40 gallons of gasoline, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 yards of landfill waste and 158 million BTU’s of energy.

With energy efficient hand dryers, all of this can be eliminated.

The hand dryer energy cost is the only ongoing expense; operating costs of high-efficiency dryers average $20 per year.

Managing Microorganisms

Manufacturers also are de-bunking the hygiene myths, with newer germ-killing technologies that go beyond HEPA filters and heated drying to prevent the spread of bacteria and microorganisms.

For years, HEPA filters were the mainstay of electric dryers, capturing 99.97 percent of bacteria, mold and germs inside the dryer.

In 2013 newer technologies came to market, which extend beyond HEPA to sanitize hands and kill germs in the surrounding air.

Products are now emitting high-speed, unheated air that dries hands quickly and as hygienically as paper towels, while creating less carbon emissions.

Hands-free models alleviate the need to touch any surfaces at all in order to dry hands.

With so many advances in hands-free features, including electric hand dryers, auto-flush toilets, automatic faucets and more, facility owners have a tremendous opportunity to maximize hygiene and cleanliness in their restrooms, improve customer satisfaction and reduce annual cleaning and paper costs.

After experiencing too many dirty restrooms filled with overflowing trash receptacles and questionable handles, patrons will appreciate the cleaner, touch-free environments, and they will leave these areas with confidence.

Hygiene Matters: How to Keep Your Restaurant Clean – An Insider’s Guide

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:38 am

restaurant cleaningCleanliness is vital to the successful running of a restaurant. If you don’t maintain a high level of cleanliness, it’s one of the aspects of the business that can actually result in your enterprise being closed down. State inspectors conduct regular assessments, and they’ll rigorously examine your kitchen for evidence of dirt, grime and poor hygiene.

However, state inspectors aside, as an owner or manager of a restaurant, you should want to keep your business spotless. After all, it’s your business, and it’s important to take pride in what you do.

Keeping Your Restaurant Clean: Insider’s Tips

If you, like many others, struggle with staying on top of the task of cleaning your restaurant, then here are some insider’s tips to help you. Continue reading

Restaurant Cleaning- A New Frontier

Posted by: Erin Meyer 10:54 am

According to The American Restaurant Association the average American eats out five times a week. Whether eating at a fast food establishment or a fine dining restaurant, health and safety isRestaurant cleaning a great concern. Professional cleaning service workers with restaurant cleaning experience can tell horror stories about the conditions of restaurants especially restaurant kitchens. In the kitchen, health and safety of workers and clients is dependent on cleaning procedures and food preparation guidelines.  From careless food handlers to improperly sanitized surfaces there is much to be concerned about with regard to restaurant cleaning.

There have,fortunately, been some great innovations in restaurant cleaning, in particular kitchens over the past years. Kitchens can harbor all sorts of harmful bacteria, including listeria and e-coli. While it is critical that food handling surfaces be properly sanitized, it is also important that floors, walls, hoods and appliances be properly cleaned.  Fortunately, many degreasers have been replaced in favor of more eco-friendly and pollution free technology that includes the use of steam and dry vapor. Steam cleaning is the most eco-friendly, green cleaning available since it uses only water.

Professional Cleaning Services use steam and dry vapor because it uses pressure and heat to sanitize and even though its only water, if it is applied properly it is the most effective means possible and much more effective then harmful chemicals and degreasers. Using steam, dry vapor cleaning technologies saves time, money and chemicals but more importantly it saves restaurant managers from constant worry about the health and safety of their employees and guests.

A recent scientific study of steam and dry vapor cleaning showed that a surface contaminated by E-coli that is exposed to 10 seconds of super heated vapor can reduce E-Coli by more then 99.9%.

Restroom CleaningWith this knowledge and the trend of restaurants to use this new technology to clean, professional cleaning services can give better assurances to clients about the critical cleaning of restaurant kitchens in order to ensure health and safety for everyone. Gator Cleaning Solutions would love to work with your restaurant  to provide this kind of cutting edge technology for your establishment.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services- Something to consider!

Posted by: Erin Meyer 11:33 am

So you have made the decision to find and hire a Professional Cleaning Service to clean your restaurant. You have already made an important decision on the path of success for your restaurant as it is critical not to rely on internal staff for this most important element of yourRestaurant Cleaning business.

Make sure your Professional Cleaning Service has specially trained staff with expertise in cleaning commercial kitchens. This is critical because kitchen cleaning is so intricately related to health and safety in food preparation. Your Professional Cleaning Service must be up to the task of using the most cutting edge cleaning products and procedures to keep your commercial kitchen free of dirt and grime buildup, but even more importantly, germs and bacteria that might altogether threaten the heath of your staff and guests.

Your Professional Cleaning Service should work at night and be conscientious and thorough about moving sometimes heavy equipment  in order to clean underneath and between objects.

Equally important is your cleaning services  constant attention to restroom facilities. It is well established that it is an imperative for a successful restaurant to maintain as near to spotless a restroom facility as possible. Only a well trained, professional cleaning service can be consistently diligent in achieving this goal.

Restroom CleaningWhether it is frontage, sitting areas, dining areas, restrooms or your commercial kitchen, you must trust your Professional Cleaning Service to keep your restaurant looking top shelf at all times in order to ensure  its ongoing success.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has become one of the leading cleaning services in the Greater Tampa Bay area and we would love to help you with the cleaning needs for your restaurant. Let us partner with you in making your restaurant  even more successful then it already is.

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Clean Restrooms critical to Restaurant Success

Posted by: Erin Meyer 12:42 pm

88% of people who encounter a dirty restroom at a restaurant feel that it reflects negatively on the rest of the facility and primarily theRestroom Cleaning kitchen. Another telling statistic is that more then 30% of people interviewed say would never return to a restaurant which has less then a pristine restroom.
Fast food chains and franchises have learned this lesson well. They generally have a worker specifically assigned on every shift to maintain the restrooms by cleaning them often and well and resupplying any necessary products, towels and soaps.
Independent restaurants often have a different set of challenges with financial restraints that have to be balanced with all the needs of the restaurant. With this in mind,  it is important to note that impressing customers with your restrooms is an important part of having a successful establishment.

Restroom CleaningYour restrooms are a window into your entire facility and you stand to loose 30% of your clientele  if attention isn’t paid to this area.

The first step to achieving the goal of providing a clean and inviting restroom at your restaurant is to find and hire a professional cleaning service. While your wait staff can help marginally, it is your professional cleaning service that will pay attention to the details and really commit to keeping your bathrooms and your entire restaurant in pristine condition. A professional cleaning company will help ensure your entire restaurant will be safe, up to code and clean. TheyRestroom Cleaning will make sure your bathrooms are always clean and well supplied.
In addition, make sure that any equipment is up to date, in good repair and well maintained. It is critical to commit some resources in new equipment and hardware for your businesses bathrooms.

A professional cleaning service will ensure attention to excellence in the following areas:

  • Cleanliness – ensure consistent cleanliness. Entire restroom should be sanitized, kept free of all dirt, dust and pools of water.
  • Functioning – ensure restroom sinks, toilets, stall door locks are in working order.
  • Stock – bathrooms should be stocked at all times. Toilet paper, disposable seat covers, feminine bins, soap and towel dispensers must be available for customers.
  • Maintenance – during restaurant hours restrooms should be checked by wait staff to ensure cleanliness and stock levels. Waste must be emptied to avoid overflow.
  • Signage – post an Employees Must Wash Hands and insist workers honor it. Set a climate of good hygiene for your workers.
  • Extras – be sure to go above and beyond the basics. Be sure your restrooms are decorated, attractive and smell good. Additional amenities such as lotions and fragrances add value to your customers experience.

Restaurant CleaningGator Cleaning Solutions will work with you to ensure your restaurant and your restroom facilities will be clean and welcoming for all your customers. We ensure quality and commitment to all your needs.
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Research shows a Clean Restaurant is Imperative to it’s Success

Posted by: Erin Meyer 12:52 pm

Owning or operating a restaurant is a daunting task so it is important that owners find theRestaurant Cleaning best professional cleaning service possible. Health and safety are the biggest reasons for keeping a clean restaurant as a dirty facility can cause serious health code violations.

Research tells us that there is a direct correlation between the success of a restaurant and the level of cleanliness maintained. It is a simple fact that if your restaurant even appears to be dirty it will not be successful. Many studies have confirmed that image and perception have an almost intrinsic impact on customer satisfaction and the probability of customers returning.

With this in mind, finding the right professional cleaning service like, Gator Cleaning Solutions is as important as finding the best chef or finding and training an outstanding wait staff. 

When searching for the right professional cleaning service consider the following:

  • Establish your terms – Make sure you know your local health code regulations which will help your restaurant do well during an inspection. Communicate to your cleaning service your expectations and how things should look and what procedures to follow to achieve maximum cleanliness.
  • Determine your weakest areas – All restaurants are different and require different services. You have to determine your specific needs and make sure your cleaning service can provide for all your needs.
  • Know who will be cleaning – Find a cleaning service that will provide consistent service preferably using the same professionally trained personnel so your cleaning will be uniform and reliable.
  • Make sure of proper training – Restaurants require a specialized cleaning with experience in food service, food safety and health regulations. Professionals will know how to clean and treat carpeted areas and floors.
  • Establish and maintain a reliable contact – Make sure you have a contact with a consistent supervisor with your cleaning service so you have someone to call with concerns or questions. 

Bathroom CleaningEstablish a cleaning schedule – Make sure to agree to a schedule so you know what to expect from your service. Don’t forget to discuss security codes and procedures with your cleaning service.

 Take your own precautions – Be sure all food is properly sealed and stored to prevent any contamination from cleaning staff.

Remember your exhaust system – Kitchen ventilation systems must be cleaned at least every six months to provide protection from fires.  Sometimes it is necessary to hire a specialized company to care for a commercial ventilation system.

  • Train your restaurant staff – In order to help your professional cleaning service maintain the best possible facility, restaurant staff will need to actively maintain ongoing cleaning throughout the course of the day.Your professional cleaning staff will  focus on extra details that will let your restaurant stand out for your customers and bring them back again and again.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning service for your restaurant, consider Gator Cleaning Service, We will work with your to exceed your facility needs. 

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