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Keeping your Floors looking New

Posted by: Erin Meyer 9:34 am

Carpet Cleaning (Steam Cleaning): At Gator Cleaning Solutions we carry the best carpet commercial carpet cleaningcleaning equipment available in the industry. The primary method of cleaning that we use is Truck Mounted Steam cleaning. We always pre-treat all areas and then clean at temperatures exceeding 200 degrees.

In addition, we extract using a rinse which neutralizes all the soaps, thereby eliminating dirt attracting residue. Finally, we understand that one of your primary concerns is dry time. That’s why we use as little water as possible and always perform extra dry strokes to extract as much water from your carpets as possible, as well as the soil and detergent.

Carpet Cleaning (Dry Cleaning): For those customers who prefer a dryer form of cleaning, we offer the Encapsulation System. This system can also do an incredible job, especially on berber carpets! We spray down an encapsulation formula, and then run the Cymex machine over your carpets. Within an hour or two, the formula crystalizes around each dirt particle preventing the dirt from reattaching to the carpet fibers. Then, the crystalized formula is merely vacuumed up during your next next scheduled vacuuming. There is no dirt attracting residue left in your carpets.

They immediately look beautiful and stay clean longer than any other method of cleaning. The formula is totally safe and considered a green form of cleaning. In addition, this method is less expensive than the steam cleaning.

Tile & Grout Cleaning: Customers are totally amazed at the before and after results of our tile and grout cleaningTile and Grout cleaning. Usually we hear something like this, “I had no idea that my tile and grout was that dirty!” The differences are usually DRAMATIC!

Upholstery Cleaning: We clean a wide range of synthetic upholstery, including Microfiber. We do not clean leather or upholstery made of natural fibers.

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Keeping Carpets Clean and Odor Free

Posted by: Erin Meyer 2:06 pm

Usually when the office smells the fingers point towards the  restrooffice cleaning tampaoms or kitchen. Many times improper carpet maintenance can leave an office smelling foul and unkempt.  Office cleaning services can help keep dust and debris from piling up but scheduled carpet cleaning is a must in keeping optimal air quality.

Steam cleaning with professional extraction equipment has become the preferred technique of the industry for a number of reasons but the most important is that is leaves the carpet with little moisture. In the past shampooing carpet was the most popular but dry time was extensive and sometimes carpet would begin to mold if not properly cleaned.  Gator Cleaning Solutions uses a state of the art truck mounted steam/extraction technique which typically dries rather quickly reducing re-soiling and the potential for mold.

Top 5 Reasons to have your carpet professionally Cleaned Every 12 Months

  1.  Almost all carpet companies require you to professionally steam clean your carpet every 12 to 24 months, to keep your warranty valid.
  2. Indoor air quality can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality, if you don’t clean your flooring, clean your drapes and let air inside regularly.
  3. Only professional carpet cleaning machines can truly extract all the steam’s carpet cleaning tampamoisture from the carpet when you’re done cleaning. The results of trying to do it yourself can lead to mold.
  4. To maintain the look and integrity of your carpet, vacuum twice weekly between professional carpet cleaning. Tip: Vacuuming slowly allows a vacuum cleaner to do its best work by vibrating carpet fibers and containing dust in the vacuum.
  5. Carpet lifespans range with quality — some well-made varieties are made to last up to 15 years if kept dust-free and maintained according to manufacturer.  Tip: Low pile, natural fiber such as wool will provide reduced level of care and longer lifespan.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been providing floor care services to the Tampa Bay area for more then a decade.  We are proud of our level of service and each technician is professionally trained and certified to complete carpet cleaning services.  We guarantee our work and leave our customers more then satisfied! If you would like a free estimate on carpet care/ tile and grout cleaning or another floor care service please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at


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Upholstery Cleaning: Different Sofa Fabrics and How to Care for Them Properly

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:47 am

upholsteryThere are quite literally thousands of sofas available for your home. Whether you want to create a chic, minimalist look in your living room, or a comfortable, traditional ambiance; there’s sure to be something out there suitable for your needs.

There are also plenty of fabric choices to select from; from leathers to velvets and from austere, plain material to wild, printed designs. Each fabric offers its own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re considering investing in a new sofa, or simply curious to know more about your existing one, here is a useful guide. Continue reading

HOLIDAY Stain Removal Tips to Keep your Carpets Clean

Posted by: Erin Meyer 1:27 pm

tampa carpet cleaningAt one point in time we have all had a Holiday spill that is large enough to send us into a panic swearing never to host Christmas dinner again.  The holidays can be stressful and with multiple meals including fresh cranberries, Aunt Betty’s homemade Chocolate fudge or Grandmas pecan pie there is bound to be some spills.  The key to not losing your mind when it happens is to be prepared and act quickly with these professional tips:

Barry Lichtenstein, owner of Amcho Carpet Cleaning in Massachuesets says many homeowners with good intentions are actually making stains worse by incorrectly treating the spots. He advises homeowners to avoid these common mistakes when treating carpet stains:

• Do not over-saturate the stain with cleaning products. This just makes a small spot  larger.

• Do not rub the carpet. This can cause damage to the texture of the carpet.

• Do not put water on a dry soil. Rather, make sure to vacuum it first.

When fighting the inevitable drips and dribbles of entertaining at home, Lichtenstein says there are a few general best practices for treating carpet stains.

1. First, remove as much stain material as possible. If it is dry, vacuum up as much as you can. If it is semi-solid, scrape or scoop it up with a spoon or dull knife. If it is liquid, blot it up.

2. Next, blot the stain with cool water, and then blot dry.

3. Make foam using a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon liquid dish washing soap in a cup of tepid water. Be sure to acarpet cleaning tampalways test any cleaning agents in an inconspicuous area of the carpet first to ensure there is no adverse reaction with the flooring. If not, apply the foam with a sponge or soft brush to the stained area in a wiping motion going toward the center of the spot. If you start in the center with circular motions, the stain will spread.

4. Finally, blot with cool water, then blot dry.

After the season comes to a close and you still find yourself staring at the spot that just wouldn’t budge, then call a local professional to come in and take care of the carpets for you.  Make sure you contact a trusted company that has been in business for at least 5 years and check references and their website for affiliations with trusted organizations.  If you live in the Tampa Bay area Gator Cleaning Solutions would be happy to provide a no obligation cleaning estimate.

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Step by Step to treat Tough Carpet Stains…

Posted by: Erin Meyer 10:14 am

As a business owner you know how important first impressions are to perspective clients. it is critical that your business be clean and bright and welcoming to established clients and newCarpet Cleaning clients alike. To help in this effort you will want to keep your floors shiny and clean and your carpeting with conspicuous stains or spots. So, how can you remove stains from the carpets when they occur?

Begin by reading any instructions that you might have related to the specific type of carpet you have. Once you have done that you can following the following procedure.

  1. Remove any remaining solids by using a knife or spoon.
  2. Blot up liquids with paper or terry towels.
  3. Spray the stained area with spot remover solution.
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes for the solution to have time to work.

Repeat the procedure until the spot is removed

If this does not achieve your goal of spot removal then you might have to try additional procedures.

  1. Try spraying the stained area again with your cleaning solution.
  2. Wait 10-15 minutes.
  3. Place a towel over the stained area and place a steam iron at medium setting on the towel above the stained section. Leave it covering the towel for 45 seconds.
  4. Repeat this procedure until the stain is gone.

Floor CleaningIf this does not remove the stain, it will be necessary for you to hire a professional cleaning company that can assure you a quality result and guarantee your satisfaction.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has experts just waiting to meet your carpet cleaning and general office cleaning needs. We will guarantee your satisfaction in all your floor care needs and any other need you might have. If you own a business in the Greater Tampa area,  let us know how we can help.

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Clean Schools Help Prevent the Spread of FLU

Posted by: Erin Meyer 2:00 pm

According to the CDC, on any given day about 55 million students and 7 million staff attend the more than 130,000 public and private schools in United States. Prevention of seasonal  influenza (Flu) continues to challenge parents, teachers and administrators therefore the CDC makes specific recommendations for schools and child care providers that claim to protect up to 1/5 of the population from getting the flu.

Highlights from the CDC recommendation for keeping schools clean:

    sick monster resized 600

  • Seasonal flu vaccination is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older unless they have a specific contraindication to flu vaccine. There are some populations that should not be vaccinated and that can be found at
  • Encourage students, parents, and staff to take everyday preventive actions to stop the spread of germs.
  • Teach proper hand washing techniques
  • Encourage respiratory etiquette among students and staff through education and the provision of supplies. Cover mouth with tissue or arm when coughing or sneezing.
  • Encourage students and staff to keep hands away from nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Encourage routine surface cleaning through education, policy, and the provision of supplies.
  • Encourage students and staff to stay home when sick through education and policy.
  • Educate students, parents, and staff on what to do if someone gets sick.
  • Establish relationships with state and local health officials for ongoing communication.

Keeping the schools clean and germ free will help provide a healthier and more productive environment to learn and grow!

For more information about how you can support your community in preventing Seasonal Influenza go to

For more information about how to keep education CLEAN please go to

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Successful Stain Removal

Posted by: Erin Meyer 2:02 pm

Getting out tough stains can prove to be an extremely frustrating task typically leaving you with a less then satisfying result.  The key to getting stains out is to understand what the problem substance is that is causing the stain and what material your stain is binding too.

By understanding the chemical reaction you can then choose the appropriate solvent to have successful stain removal.

  Nylon Carpet Olefin Polyester Wool
Acid Based- Coffee, Wine, Natural Juice Bad Combo Nylon binds to acid dyes. Rejects Acid based chemicals making it easier Usually repels most stain with the exception of dispersed dyes such as Mustard Naturally repels stains of any kind
Oily Based- Petroleum products, animal or veggie based oils Typically repels oily substances and makes for easy clean up Likes oily substances and makes a tough stain Is close to Olefin and can bind with oily substances as well Naturally repels stains of any kind.
Chemical Based-

Household cleaners, medications, pesticides

May discolor, fade and even destroy carpet fibers May discolor, fade and even destroy carpet fibers May discolor, fade and even destroy carpet fibers May discolor, fade and even destroy carpet fibers

Tips for Cleaning:

  • Never rub carpet, it could cause permanent damage to the pile.
  • Wool is a natural fiber so be very cautious.  Using chemicals can discolor the dyes used on wool. Try natural fiber solvent or citrus based products.
  • It is always best when using a new solvent to test spot in a place hidden from view to be sure the dyes of the carpet do not have a negative reaction to the chemical.

Once you have determined the type of stain then you can more appropriately pick the stain removal chemical.  For example, for a tough wine stain on a nylon carpet use a little bit of oxidizer and some appropriate heat.   This will break up the wine particles and allow for successful stain removal.

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