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Medical Cleaning- Keeping People Healthy

Posted by: Erin Meyer 11:17 am

We all know how critical it is to maintain clean medical facilities but our understanding of what that means bears some further discussion. There is clean and there is a more intensemedical office  cleaning tampa deep cleaning that is required in any medical facility. Keeping staff and patients healthy is a primary goal of any office manager or medical technician and the best way to accomplish this goal is by hiring a professional cleaning service.

A thorough cleaning for a medical facility accomplishes two goals, the first is aesthetic in creating an inviting atmosphere that makes patients feel safe and at ease. The second, and more importantly, is to ensure that the workspace is properly sanitized and disinfected. This is key to protecting everyone from healthcare-related illnesses that can lead to life threating medical problems.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1 out of every 20 visitors to a medical facility will contract a healthcare-associated illness which leads to thousands of dollars in treatments. Medical facilities require detailed attention to specialized equipment rooms, labs and diagnostic testing areas. You need an experienced, well trained cleaning crew that knows how to use proper cleaners and disinfectants to prevent exposure to pathogens that could spread illnesses. There can be no shortcuts in this process.

Special areas of attention include:

Sanitizing all surfaces

Disinfecting with appropriate cleaning products in rooms where procedures are performedmedical office cleaning tampa

Compliance with regulations like OSHA, HIPPA and others

Use odor free cleaners to ensure comfort of patient and staff

Floor care and windows need to be properly treated because of any germs or bacteria

Restrooms require special care.

Focus on details and hold your cleaning service to high standards. At Gator Cleaning Solutions we have a highly effective, experienced cleaning crew using the most up-to-date procedures and products on the market. We know how important maintaining the very cleanest environment possible for your medical facility and we strive for excellence every time we serve you.

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Office Cleaning ….No Place for Beginners

Posted by: Erin Meyer 2:53 am

In a commercial setting there is too much at stake when it comes to safety, health, effectiveness and compliance to rules and regulations to turn over your business to office cleaning tampabeginners in the cleaning industry. Whether you operate an office, a school, a medical facility or an industrial setting, only a professional commercial cleaning with experience can be depended on to consistently deliver the quality result you are expecting.

To handle the multifaceted demands of commercial cleaning you must have a professional team to implement innovating up-to-date cleaning systems, meeting cost efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing performances. This requires professionalism, thoughtfulness in the processes, and compliance to best practices within the industry.

If your office is showing signs of shoddy cleaning the most obvious result would be the loss of customers or clients. Your success depends in many cases on first impressions. A good commercial cleaning tampaoffice cleaning company knows how important your image is in order to attract and maintain your customer and client base. There are many things in business that you can’t control but maintaining a healthy, clean office space isn’t one of them. Well maintained offices and expert commercial office cleaning are about more than just superficial cleaning. A clean and healthy office environment will lead to successful, positive business outcomes that translates to satisfied customers, engaged employees and a better bottom line.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been serving the Tampa Bay area for more then 14 years and is award winning for consistent results and a high level of customer service.  For your free estimate please give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call at 813-929-1122.

Keeping Clean = Increased Productivity

Posted by: Erin Meyer 10:47 am

One of the greatest contributors to business success is environment. It impacts every component in very subtle and not so subtle ways. If an office is dirty, it tells employees and clients that no one cares and after a short time the staff will follow suoffice cleaning tampait.  You will routinely see clutter begin to be more common, important papers will be hard to locate and eventually workers will have less and less concern over their own spaces and common spaces as well. This will strongly effect the ultimate success of your business and the overall satisfaction of your employees.

Research tells us that companies that employ a professional commercial cleaning company for their office cleaning are able to achieve a much more successful outcome across the board. Office morale is much better leading to more productivity as it encourages workers to become more organized in their own personal work spaces. This will increase positive gains in sales and customer service.

Another reason to contract a professional commercial office cleaning service is because a office cleaning tampacarefully maintained work area greatly improves employee retention. Having a messy or dirty office space can add stress which can become burdensome for your workers. In addition, top performing employees demand a measure of excellence in their work environment. If you fail to meet these standards you will begin to see your best workers leave. If you have a well-organized, clean, orderly office you will see employees stress level lower and productivity. To get your free Office Cleaning quote give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call at 813-929-1122.

Keeping Your Office healthy

Posted by: Erin Meyer 1:31 am

Commercial office cleaning can help maintain a successful, healthy environment that will lead to a more productive outcome for your business. When you hire a professional medical office cleaningcommercial office cleaning service you can rely on them to protect you from unsafe and neglectful practices that put your team at risk. You must understand that a professional cleaning service will approach office cleaning with critical knowledge and expertise of the best practices in the science of cleaning for health in your organization or at your workplace. This is the most critical during this time of the year when cold and flu germs are widespread and only professional  office cleaning services will work to minimize the risk of disease transmission.

We all know what happens when colds and flu strikes your business or office. Poor commercial office cleaning is more than just unfortunate and unsightly but it is risky for your staff, unhealthy for everyone who works in your facility and can even be dangerous. Poor practices can lead to the spread of sickness in your office that will have your employees missing more work which translates into a direct cost in the form of loss of business. Even worse when people come to work sick it can spiral out of control quickly.
office cleaningOn average, people working when they are sick when they should be home costs more than a simple employee sick day would. A sick employee makes more employees sick and the only thing that stands between you and this scenario is a well-trained, high performing, reputable commercial office cleaning company. When hiring a commercial cleaning company be sure to ask questions about the expertise of a company in regards to professional training in the most up-to-date procedures and products to keep everyone safe and healthy and working in a productive way to achieve ultimate success for your company and everyone involved.

Call Gator Cleaning Solutions at 813-929-1122 to get your free custom cleaning quote.

Keeping Carpets Clean and Odor Free

Posted by: Erin Meyer 2:06 pm

Usually when the office smells the fingers point towards the  restrooffice cleaning tampaoms or kitchen. Many times improper carpet maintenance can leave an office smelling foul and unkempt.  Office cleaning services can help keep dust and debris from piling up but scheduled carpet cleaning is a must in keeping optimal air quality.

Steam cleaning with professional extraction equipment has become the preferred technique of the industry for a number of reasons but the most important is that is leaves the carpet with little moisture. In the past shampooing carpet was the most popular but dry time was extensive and sometimes carpet would begin to mold if not properly cleaned.  Gator Cleaning Solutions uses a state of the art truck mounted steam/extraction technique which typically dries rather quickly reducing re-soiling and the potential for mold.

Top 5 Reasons to have your carpet professionally Cleaned Every 12 Months

  1.  Almost all carpet companies require you to professionally steam clean your carpet every 12 to 24 months, to keep your warranty valid.
  2. Indoor air quality can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality, if you don’t clean your flooring, clean your drapes and let air inside regularly.
  3. Only professional carpet cleaning machines can truly extract all the steam’s carpet cleaning tampamoisture from the carpet when you’re done cleaning. The results of trying to do it yourself can lead to mold.
  4. To maintain the look and integrity of your carpet, vacuum twice weekly between professional carpet cleaning. Tip: Vacuuming slowly allows a vacuum cleaner to do its best work by vibrating carpet fibers and containing dust in the vacuum.
  5. Carpet lifespans range with quality — some well-made varieties are made to last up to 15 years if kept dust-free and maintained according to manufacturer.  Tip: Low pile, natural fiber such as wool will provide reduced level of care and longer lifespan.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has been providing floor care services to the Tampa Bay area for more then a decade.  We are proud of our level of service and each technician is professionally trained and certified to complete carpet cleaning services.  We guarantee our work and leave our customers more then satisfied! If you would like a free estimate on carpet care/ tile and grout cleaning or another floor care service please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at


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Office Cleaning-Put Out the Welcome Mat

Posted by: Erin Meyer 3:30 pm

We all know how important first impressions are to our businesses. Office lobbies are oftenfacility cleaning tampa the best chance to show our attention to detail and professionalism that is the cornerstone of any organization. Office cleaning and a clean work environment can help create a positive, lasting impression on your clients and the benefits of that impression can go a long way in helping to develop the relationships you are looking for with your customers. The importance of creating an entryway or lobby that showcases your professionalism can not be overstated. To this end there are five easy ways to maintain this level of expertise and create the impression you are seeking.

  1. Keep an eye on high traffic areas

These are the areas most likely to need the most attention. The floors and carpets in the lobby will accumulate the most dirt and dust and eventually this area will wear out more often than any other place. As a result, attention should be paid every day to keeping floors clean, plants dusted and watered, garbage taken out and countertops and desk areas clean and tidy.

  1. Use the Smell Check

While we don’t always realize it, odors can make a huge impression on clients and it can be a lasting impression. If your office smells bad, people will notice. Often times an unpleasant odor might come from dirt trapped in unclean carpets or even more critical, an office cleaning tampaunclean ventilation system. Every day, simple activities that come with normal building use generate a great deal of contaminants such as dust, dander and chemicals. Over time these contaminants get pulled into your ventilation system and are recirculated many times during the day. Eventually this causes a build-up and creates a stale, musty odor and can potentially lead to serious health issues for people with allergies or respiratory problems. Be sure you have your ventilation systems and office cleaned regularly.

  1. Invest in Entrance Mats

If you want to protect your floors and carpets from dirt and debris, an entrance mat is a good step. These mats are perfect for trapping dirt, debris and moisture from outside which saves on wear and tear and keeps carpets clean throughout your office. Entrance mats can be customized to include your company logo and further add to the appeal of your lobby.

  1. Dusting is a must.

Keeping the fixtures in your business lobby free of dust is very important in making a good first impression. While it may take longer for dirt and dust to build up in carpets and on floors, dusty furniture and equipment is clearly visible to your customers. A regular commercial cleaning service can ensure the dust and air quality remains under control.

  1. Wash your windows

Windows brighten up your lobby with natural sunlight but if they are unclean they are very detrimental to that first impression. Dust, smudges and other marks on office windows keep medical office cleaning tampayour lobby from looking attractive and professional and all your other work will be in vain.

Your reputation is a most valuable asset in any business and making sure your lobby is properly cleaned is an excellent first step to establishing that reputation. Clients will appreciate a professional, well organized and well decorated lobby in which to conduct their business.

Gator Cleaning Solutions has a  proven reputation based on quality and an unsurpassed level of customer care.  No matter how picky you are, they will provide  excellent janitorial services to satisfy your business needs.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the cheapest janitorial service you can find. In most cases, that will only get you inexperience that leads to increased frustration, time and money. Do your homework, and choose a dependable and efficient Tampa  janitorial service to keep your business clean every day. Call Gator Cleaning Solutions to get a professional office cleaning service that keeps your facility clean and healthy while keeping in line with your budget!

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Does your Cleaning Company have a protocol for Vacuuming?

Posted by: Erin Meyer 1:46 pm

Many Professional Cleaning Companies don’t have a clearly articulated procedure for Office cleaning tampavacuuming  large facilities. This is critical for many reasons but primarily to preserve the health of the carpet and also to be cost effective. If you are cleaning a facility over 10,000 square feet it will typically take 15 minutes of vacuuming every 1000 square feet. If you are vacuuming every space it will take over 3 hours and that is neither efficient nor does it protect the health of the carpet. So, how can you develop a more efficient, productive procedure for vacuuming? You begin with an analysis of the facility and where you need to adjust your time spent. Divide areas that need more frequent vacuuming from those that need less frequent vacuuming.

Areas that need less frequent vacuuming include:

Executive offices often times don’t require attention daily and can maintained with spot cleaning. Usually twice a week will suffice for these areas and therefor will save the longevity of the carpet

Carpet Cleaning tampaIndividual office spaces also need less attention even if they are used frequently they still tend to remain clean. Spot check these areas and thoroughly vacuumed once or twice a week.

Meeting rooms also tend to stay cleaner and probably won’t need vacuuming more than once a week.

Areas along the walls and edges of the facility usually look brand new and as such only need attention infrequently, maybe once every other week

Areas that require more frequent vacuuming include:

Open workspaces and central activity areas may need much more frequent vacuuming because there are more people working there. Most likely these high traffic areas will need daily vacuuming.

Transition areas are where carpet and hard surface floors may meet and will require Office cleaning tampafrequent vacuuming.  If a hard surface floor is soiled or dirty it will likely track dirt onto the carpet and that will do damage over time.

Other high traffic are near elevators or water fountains and will need vacuuming every night including the interior of the elevator if it is carpeted.

Any kind of carpeted pathway is usually considered a high traffic area and will need nightly attention.

Another component to your carpet cleaning procedures is the choice of vacuuming cleaners and there are many from which to choose.

Types of Vacuums:

Wide-area vacuum cleaners are very efficient and clean up to 10,000 square feet in an hour. This works well on wide or long hallways as well as open spaces.

Backpack vacuums with a more comfortable harness than its predecessors are being used more frequently on all types of carpeted areas but are especially more useful in congested and transition spaces.

Upright vacuums are recommended in office areas that are moderately congested and where there are some open spaces around desks and furniture. Most uprights have a cleaning path of 13 to 19 inches.

Canister vacuums are becoming more and more popular because of their versatility. Especially useful for day cleaning because they are so quiet and less obtrusive.

By applying a more focused approach to developing a protocol for carpet cleaning and vacuuming, we can help increase the longevity of the carpets and also save your company time and money. Gator Cleaning Solutions is always searching for cutting edge products and procedures to save our clients time and money.  If your looking for a professional cleaning service or would like to improve your facility maintenance give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call to get a no obligation cleaning quote!


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Residential Floor Care-Keeping it Clean

Posted by: Erin Meyer 9:42 am

Gator Cleaning Solutions has recently expanded services to include residential carpet andtampa carpet cleaning tile and grout cleaning!  We realize that after 10 successful years serving the commercial sector that our floor technicians have what it takes to better satisfy clients in residential floor care as well.  We have a fleet of state of the art truck mounted equipment that is powerful enough to clean some of the most soiled commercial floors but also efficient enough to work within people’s homes!

Gator Cleaning Solutions serves a number of Tampa Bay Communities from Brooksville and Dade City to St. Petersburg and Clearwater through Tampa and into Lakeland.  We are happy to provide you with an estimate by phone just call 727-375-0937!

If you’re a property manager and would like to discuss volume discounts please call 813-929-1122 and ask for Tom!

All of our technicians are fully training and undergo a thorough background check to ensure our clients are safe and will receive only the best service in the Tampa Bay area.  A full list of services and zip codes are below!

  • Carpet Cleaning and Extraction
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Granite Seal
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Travertine and Natural Stone Cleaning

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Zip Codes we serve:

33510, 33511, 33527, 33534, 33548, 33549, 33558, 33563, 33566, 33573, 33578, 33584, 33592, 33594, 33596, 33602, 33603, 33604, 33605, 33606, 33607, 33609, 33610, 33611, 33612, 33613, 33614, 33615, 33616, 33617, 33618, 33619, 33624, 33625, 33626, 33629, 33634, 33635, 33637, 33647, 33702, 33710, 33712, 33713, 33714, 33716, 33755, 33756, 33759, 33760, 33761, 33762, 33764, 33765, 33770, 33771, 33772, 33773, 33780, 33781, 33782.

VCT Floor Cleaning Cleaning and Care

Posted by: Erin Meyer 3:34 pm

VCT Floor Cleaning

VCT or Vinyl Composition Tile is one of the most common types of floor covering that is floor cleanerwidely used in schools, hospitals and commercial centers. However, it requires proper and regular maintenance so that it lasts for a long period of time. Apart from regular maintenance, the initial care is quite essential for these resilient tiles. VCT flooring should not be used for the first three days after its installation. It is important not to walk, clean or keep furniture on the surfaces of these tiles for the first three days. It is also important not to use hot water on the surfaces of these tiles as water can seep into these tiles or grout and cause them to warp.

Today, there are many professional floor cleaning companies which offer impeccable services in commercial concrete scrubbing and cleaning. The VCT floor tiles are easy to install and less expensive, it is therefore widely used in most of the households too.

Care Tips for VCT Floors

Use a soft broom to remove dust and other particles from the floor that can cause abrasions and scratches. You can also use a damp mop with warm water to clean the surfaces with dirt and grim. Wet rags can also be used to wipe and clean the surfaces of VCT floofloor cleaning tamparing. Once the floor is cleaned, it is important to dry it with a towel.

All types of colored liquids and food items can stain the floor, so it is important to quickly mop up the floors to prevent staining. Neutral detergent can be used in a gallon of water to clean the surfaces while mopping.

A non abrasive polish cleaner can be used on the floors to clean heels and scuff marks. Mineral spirits, acetone, isopropyl alcohol and other lighter fluids can be used to clean the surfaces. It is quite important to use these fluids carefully as it is highly inflammable.

VCT scrubbing is quite essential to clean and polish the floors. Automatic floor machines can be used to clean the floors easily and quickly. The floors can be lightly or deeply scrubbed according to the type of dirt and grime. After scrubbing, it is important to rinse the floor and let it dry. Then apply three layers of stain resistant and polish to the floors.

VCT floor cleaning requires preventive measures that can be taken from your cleaning companies floor maintenance program that ensures a long life and gleam for VCT flooring. Use floor cleaning tampamats and entry rugs without rubber backing so as to trap dirt and grit. Use curtains and window shades to block the direct effect of sunlight. Direct sunlight can fade the colors of these tiles.

To prevent dents on VCT flooring, it is also necessary to relocate the furniture often. This will help to prevent wearing of the tiles too. It is important not to drag the furniture across these floors as it can cause permanent damages to the VCT flooring.

To get your floors looking great give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call or email for a no obligation quote!  We have been making floors shine for more then 10 years!


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Medical Cleaning – Go with a Pro

Posted by: Erin Meyer 9:00 am

There is a big difference in generalmedical cleaning office cleaning and medical cleaning services.

There are many differences, however two stand out above the rest.


Cleaning =Patient Confidence

Medical facilities need to visually instill confidence within patients so that they feel it is a clean and healthy facility. In other words, patients want to know that they are not going to get sick (or sicker) from visiting the doctor.

Disinfection= Critical in reducing the spread of infections

The Actual sanitation level of a medical office need to reflect the visual confidence and ensure proper disinfection in order to protect all visitors, patients and health care workers.

medical office cleaningThe CDC has published studies suggesting as many as one of every twenty visitors to typical medical buildings will end up contracting some sort of illness there. Thus, keeping an extremely high level of cleanliness in lobbies, waiting areas, restroom facilities, etc., is absolutely critical for all medical practices.

Medical facilities need a specially-trained team of cleaning techs who know what solutions to use, and in what amounts, in order to remove pathogens while causing the least amount of disruption in the environment. And it should go without saying that no shortcuts are allowed. During a proper medical cleaning, special attention will be paid to sanitizing:

•    High touch-points such as door handles, light switches, and counter surfaces.
•    Deep, detailed cleaning all public areas and disinfecting restrooms.
•    Whenever possible, using scentless cleaners in order to not cause reactions or aggravate allergies.

•    Complying with all appropriate regulations and special requests from the medical facility.

Floor care and carpet cleaning are extremely important too, as these are surfaces that can harbor all kinds of contaminants, irritants, and allergens. The medical cleaning techs at Gator Cleaning Solutions are specially trained in all of these procedures and more. To ensure cleanliness throughterminal cleaningout the day, some  of our medical cleaning customers also use our day porter service.

If your search for a medical cleaning company in Tampa or the surrounding areas has brought you to this page, contact Gator Cleaning Solutions to arrange a free quote. We look forward to giving your facility the same level of care you give your patients.

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