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Finding the right Office Cleaning Company for you

Are you in charge of keeping the office space clean and healthy? Do people come to you and complain the restrooms smell bad or that there is no more toilet tissue?

Then more commercial floor cleaningthen likely you are a facility manager or property manager and  you may be considering contracting with a commercial office cleaning company. Or perhaps, you are rethinking your current office janitorial service. The reality is there are so many choices when it comes to  picking an office cleaning company and yet with a seemingly unlimited number of choices, there are really only a handful of  companies that will deliver responsive professional office cleaning service to your facility at a reasonable price. Finding the right balance between quality and cost can seem overwhelming and sometimes just impossible however the right cleaning company can also be a great resources in saving time, stress and budgets if done properly.

Why Is It So Difficult To Find a Professional Office Cleaning Company?

There are a number of choices in picking an  office cleaning company, or choosing office cleaning services, but getting results is the key. Part of the issue is that nearly anyone with a rag and bucket can call themselves an office office cleaning companycleaning company. To the average person cleaning might seem very easy and with little start up costs it isn’t unusual to find a number of low bid responses from guys that consider themselves professional cleaners because they have a rag and mop bucket.  Many people try and fail to make it an office cleaning company because it isn’t as simple as it may appear to the average entrepreneur.  In today’s competitive environment, tight margins, employees costs and liability only allows for those companies that can provide excellent service and industry knowledge to be successful.  Experience, training, knowledge of the most efficient and effective products and tools are what separates the professionals from the novice and it can make a big difference in office cleaning success.

Office Cleaning Requires Real Cleaning Knowledge, Systems & Security

With office cleaning, there is much more to it than you might imagine. Due to the timing of tampa floor cleaningoffice cleaning being after hours, an office cleaning company requires a level of autonomy from workers that have been carefully screened to insure safety in your facility. You don’t need to hire a national cleaning company for your office cleaning to be responsive but you do need a large enough local commercial cleaning company that is capable of putting the right people in your facility.  This means that having a carefully trained team of people  is a valuable resource in the cleaning industry.  Let’s face it, people can be unpredictable and having a staff that is trained and screened is a tool that will ensure the job will get done.  We understand the importance of having a consistent quality service, it isn’t just for aesthetics but it plays a role in productivity and the health of your tenants and employees.

Keeping people healthy in  the Office Environment

Sure your office cleaning company must empty trashes and leave the office looking clean but there is more to clean than what you can see and the most professional office cleaning companies know this. Keeping an office clean and reducing risk of germs can have significant impact on morale and even the bottom line.

  • Focusing attention on high touch surfaces like door handles, phones and otheroffice cleaning tampa touch points.
  • Using EPA approved disinfectants where appropriate with attention to required dwell times for all cleaning products.
  • Reducing the risk of cross contamination through industry practices like color coded rag systems so the towel used to clean the toilet is never used to wipe of your desk.
  • Improving indoor air quality through the use of HEPA filtered vacuums and green cleaning products.

A healthy office mean more profitability.  The more germs are allowed to propagate in your offices the more they get passed from one place to another. Subsequently, more people are exposed and more people get sick. More ill employees means reduced productivity and more sick days, which directly cuts into profitability. Not only is cleaning your office for health the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.

How to find a professional office cleaning company in the Tampa area?

You can find a professional office cleaning company but it means taking the time to weed through the good, the bad and the ugly.  It’s easy to make promises and tell you what you want to hear.  Ask the tough questions and make sure you check references! To find a professional, responsive office cleaning company, your office janitorial service should have:

 Multiple modes of communication and access to upper managementBathroom Cleaning

Insist on a copy of the general liability and workers comp certificates of insurance

Green Cleaning options to help you meet your green cleaning & sustainability goals

A professional system-based method to delivering a quality service through a specified scope

Documented training programs that substantiate a commitment to their industry & your business

Level of management that offers quality supervision and audits to help maintain consistency 

At Gator Cleaning Solutions we take our role seriously and act as an extension of our client’s staff keeping their facility clean and healthy.  We are always accessible for questions or concerns and have a quick response time.  Yes there will be challenges along the way, after all people are human and sometimes miss things however we get them fixed and correct quickly.  If you would like a quote for office cleaning give us a call today!


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