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Floor Care 

When making floor product choices one would benefit from consulting the facility floor care and cleaning tampamaintenance team to gain valuable input.  Of course the aesthetics of the flooring product is an important factor but equally important is the Floor care and maintenance requirements for long term sustainability of the product.  Life cycle costs and analysis should be done on a space by space basis.

3 Cost Considerations:

  • Initial Cost
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Replacement Cost

Performance of a product isn’t always something architects and designers take into consideration but should be weighted per the area in which the product will be installed.  For example, VCT may be installed in a high traffic medical facility requiring 5 coats of wax and regular maintenance.  A low pile carpet would not be a performance choice for the same area due to ability to effectively clean/sanitize and traffic wear.

Floor care and maintenance  matter when making floor product choices.  The levels of foot traffic should be considered when developing a floor cleaning schedule.

floor cleaningLighter foot traffic            Every 3-6 months

Moderate foot traffic       Every 3 months

High foot traffic                 Every month

Floor Maintenance Considerations:

Depending on the type of flooring you choose make sure you have the appropriate protective coating according to manufacturer’s recommendation.  As discussed in the previous example, VCT flooring requires specific polishing and waxing to extend the life of the floor.

Floor maintenance programs should also consider best practices such as:

Effective walk off mats to capture soil in entry and exit waysCarpet cleaning

Daily vacuuming, sweeping and/or mopping to keep debris off the floors

Regular maintenance discussed above based on traffic patterns

Use of proper equipment and chemicals to process the floor product

Proper training of all floor maintenance technicians if done in house or contract a company that is certified in floor cleaning processes.

If you need help determining what your floor care needs are give Gator Cleaning Solutions a call for a no obligation analysis and floor maintenance program quote.  We would be happy to share in best practices and help you extend the life of your floors!

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