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Who doesn’t love a newly cleaned house?   

The fresh smell and no clutter but the feeling of complete sspring cleaningsatisfaction doesn’t some without the price of hard work and time spent.  Your Spring Cleaning may never become effortless or easy however there are some simple tricks that may simplify the process and save you valuable time and effort!  After scouring the internet for tips and tricks I found the following the most helpful and unique!


Spring Cleaning tips and tricks

Step 1: Make a quick list by room in what you want to accomplish.  Then put a timeline on how long it will take to complete the list!

 Step 2: Schedule the rooms according to your time availability.  There is nothing more frustrating then having too much to do and not enough time! Remember that closet will still be full of junk tomorrow and if its on the schedule for tomorrow then you won’t be as likely to stress about it!

 Step 3: Create the most upbeat, killer cleaning play list and crank the tunes!  Spring cleaning can be a dance party that will keep you moving much longer then the sounds of silence.carpet cleaning

Step 4: Make sure you have everything you need to get the job done.  Make a run to the store and stock up on quality cleaners and tools.  There are some great Green Cleaning Chemicals now available or if you want to channel your inner chemist you can make some incredible cleaners with some basic ingredients.  For some easy recipes go to:

Step 5: Get your family involved.  Kids are more then capable to chip in and be part of home upkeep.  I personally love putting my 9 year old daughter in front of a messy shoe closet and task her with organizing.  Also works great for kitchen cabinets.  Take everything out, wipe down and put back neatly.  She loves seeing her results.  Another way to get them involved is to write down all the chores that are age appropriate and have them pick out of a hat what they will be responsible for. It’s also fun to reward everyone with a quick trip for ice cream after an afternoon of spring cleaning!

 windows cleaning Step 6:  Multitask!  Yes I said it but why not take advantage of time well spent sorting through closets, kitchens and garages. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it or used it in the last year…Donate or Trash it depending on it’s condition!

Step 7: If your feeling ambitious make a short list of extra projects you would like to see completed and if you find your time allows get them done!  You know that flower bed could really use a face-lift!

Hopefully using these tips will help keep the process of Spring Cleaning fun and effective.  Remember at the end of it all you will be ready for the hustle and bustle of summer!  For more cleaning tips go to

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Printable Spring Cleaning Checklists:

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