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School cleaning is very different from general office cleaning and as such, requires a commercial cleaning company that understands and trains for the specific needs of schools. A school cleaning checklist can be used as a tool to help you determine which janitorial services are in the position to really meet the needs of your school or campus facility. So what should you be looking for when considering contracting for janitorial services? And what kinds of companies are best positioned to successfully partner with you and your school?


A prospective cleaning company should have extensive experience specifically in school cleaning. Simply because a cleaning company wants your business does not mean they understand how to deliver top-notch services to a school.


You need a school janitorial company that is deeply committed to thorough employee screening with a strong record of compliance in this area. Employee screening must include criminal background checks and drug testing but optimally should also include education verification, employment history verification, reference verification and more.


janitorial schoolsIf they want to truly partner with a school, your commercial cleaning company must understand how important finding the right fit is where school custodians are concerned. The best commercial cleaning companies will work hard to find an ideal match for your facility.



The best and most experienced school janitorial services know how to work with your school cleaning budget and can set up a cleaning program individualized to your facility. They should offer transparent pricing and easy to understand contracts so that you know what you get and you get what you are promised.

 Go Local

Going local is typically better than a national school cleaning company when selecting a Tampa Bay Area  janitorial company. Large local cleaning companies are both poised to offer you the benefits of a large, established business and a real commitment to the local community. Local businesses keep their dollars and jobs right here in the Tampa Bay area and are deeply invested in long-term growth and prosperity.

 Customization and Communication

A school cleaning company must offer individualized solutions for your school maintenance and a level of responsiveness addressing your facilities changing needs. Are there systems in place to solve real problems in your school cleaning as they arise? Do they have an ability to staff up or down throughout the year? Your janitorial services must have systems and processes in place to communicate with ease and address issues immediately as they arise.

 Green Cleaning Program

A school maintenance company should offer a green cleaning program as well as energy green cleaningreduction plans in order to help you meet your green building goals. These programs should be substantiated through verifiable means like documented training programs.

Separating the best from the rest when it comes to school cleaning companies can be really challenging. There are just so many companies of all sizes and types vying for your business. This can make it hard to really know how to separate what a company says from what a company does. 

Most of us involved with schools and educational facilities understand how critical it is to have adequate school maintenance that is easy to manage. We are committed to our kids and communities and certainly want to give them the best. While finding the right janitorial company to partner with can be challenging, it is a worthy endeavor that can save you time and money down the road and help you create the most favorable learning environment. Gator Cleaning Solutions is committed to helping schools create a safe and healthy learning environment.  We have been serving the Tampa Bay area for more then 10 years and pride ourselves on quality partnerships that last.  If you would like to discuss a customized school cleaning program please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at 813-929-1122!

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