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Is your school cleaning earning you an A+?

There is no question that school budgets are not only difficult to navigate but also school cleaning tampaincredibly unforgiving.  If you look at a school like a business (which you should if your speaking of budgets) it would be next to impossible to provide a high quality service or product your customer with very few financial resources and an expectation that is not only measured but anticipated each and every year!  School administrators have the difficult task to solve this puzzle with budget cuts at an all-time high!
This is why many are having to learn how to do more with less.

Is your thin budget for school cleaning and maintenance setting you up for failure?  How can it all get done and still provide a healthy learning environment for your staff and students?

Proper school cleaning is an important for a number of reasons. 

Perception:  Like a business your staff, students and parents are your customers and if your facility is a mess then people will assume the same of the education provided.  Proper school cleaning shows pride and that you care.
cleaning schools tampaHealth: School cleaning has a direct impact on student health and their ability to learn.  Attendance and absenteeism can directly impact test scores and level of engagement. We know that schools are riddled with bacteria and serve as a breading ground for all kinds of bugs!
Capital Investment:  Your facility is probably the largest capital investment you have and taking care of that investment will pay in the long run.  Maintenance isn’t just for appearances, it is necessary for upkeep of materials such and floor products, glass and air quality.

Don’t let reduced and demanding budget scare you away from partnering with a commercial cleaning company that can help you create a quality cleaning program and still stay within budget!  Gator Cleaning Solutions has had a successful school cleaning partnership program for over a decade.  We thoroughly understand the demands of your critical environment and the need for specific benchmarks in your school cleaning.  Let us visit your campus and develop a program that will help you maintain a healthy learning environment you can be proud of!

Get an A+ with a clean and well-maintained school. Show students, staff and parents thatjanitorial schools you operate in an orderly environment, that you are committed and have great expectations for students, parents and staff and support them with the foundation necessary to make it all happen. The right school cleaning company can make your job much easier. Now is the time with summer just a couple of short weeks away, take advantage of our summer cleaning program to get your facility looking great before the incoming classes arrive in early fall!

Give us a call at 813-929-1122 to schedule your consultation today!

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