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Although it may be a time for relaxation and rest for many in the education field, it is a busySchool cleaning time for facility managers.  In a few short months, schools take advantage of the lack of traffic and be sure that every inch of the facility is completely cleaned and disinfected prior to the return of students and staff. A thorough clean is an important part of keeping a healthy environment for kids to learn and grow.  The following process is a starting point to providing a deep clean or what we call a hospital clean for schools both primary and secondary.

School Cleaning – Where to start?

  • Remove all items and furniture from the room prior to starting the process.  This includes carpets, wall hangings and window treatments if not permanently attached.
  • Start from the top of the room and work your way down wiping all flat surfaces with the appropriate chemicals. (Disinfection should be used on flat surfaces that are touchpoints, light switches, handles to doors or blinds etc.)
  • Wiping down light fixtures, air intake plates and ceiling fans if installed. Even wiping walls down with a damp microfiber cloth will help to knock down dust.
  • If there is a bathroom or kitchen area in the classroom or common area they should be left for last and the use of disinfecting chemicals with proper dwell time are a must. Again use the top to bottom method changing rags regularly.  At Gator Cleaning Solutions we have a color coded microfiber system that ensures there is no cross contamination between work areas of a facility.
  • The last and critically important task is to professional treat the flooring of the facility.  If the flooring is carpet, then a professional deep clean is a must.  If the facility has vinyl flooring, this may be the only time that is available to full strip and wax the floor allowing for better regular cleaning and maintenance.  This should be done by a professional floor care company that can complete the process with the time line available and at an affordable cost.

Gator Cleaning Solution has been partnering with Schools both private and public for nearly a decade.  We believe that a healthy workspace is critical in the success of our educational janitorial servicessystem and should be a priority.  Most successful businesses work with professional cleaning companies to ensure a healthy environment for employees and customers. They do this because they understand that it will help with absenteeism, morale and the feeling of pride of employees plays a role in performance.  This can also be said for students.

If students are learning in a clean, healthy environment they are less likely to get sick and the more likely to be productive while at school. To us it is a no-brainer to be sure the environment that our kids spend 6+ hours a day in is as clean as it possibly can be.  Using a professional will ensure the job gets done right and the appropriate chemicals are used to reduce exposure but also kill the bugs that are typical in the classroom. Let Gator Cleaning Solutions give your school an A+ in cleaning.

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