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Green cleaning has become a vital part of the commercial cleaning industry. Because ofprofessional green cleaning tampa this trend over the past ten years to being more environmentally responsible, commercial cleaning companies have tried to use green cleaning effectively while still maintaining an efficient approach to the job. Standardizing task times to deliver a consistent, effective management of green cleaning is an important element to running a successful business.

There are several ways to bring about efficiency in professional cleaning services and one way to accomplish this is by timing your workers as they attempt to go about their everyday tasks and responsibilities. To this end there are five tips using a stopwatch to see how much time is needed and how efficiency can be streamlined.

  1. Take videos of desired outcomes and document target cleaning outcomes. This includes distinguishing vital tasks in every area of the project.
  2. Identify current important cleaning tasks using a floor plan and map out most efficient way to proceed.
  3. green cleaningObserve and time different workers performing the same tasks and after observation determine best practices. Be sure workers are working at a safe pace.
  4. Create a training video of high performing workers and include a manual of tasks as a timing guide for all your workers. Make sure you encourage a consistent, productive quality not quantity rate of cleaning.
  5. Write down the times of each task according to best practice and integrate it into your training process.

Using these techniques and processes will streamline your professional cleaning services to your clients and make your green cleaning more successful. If you would like a custom cleaning proposal with no obligation to commit please call Gator Cleaning Solutions at 813-929-1122.

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