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A+ in School Cleaning

Posted by: Erin Meyer 3:00 am

Having a plan and following that plan can simply have great impact in keeping a school

Keeping schools clean

Keeping schools clean

clean and healthy.  Gator Cleaning Solutions uses the ISSA Standard for measuring the effectiveness of cleaning in K-12 Schools.  These guidelines  are an effective way to standardize the cleaning process and empowers facility and maintenance teams to monitor, measure and maintain a clean environment for better learning. This approach uses objective measures along with traditional means in creating a tool that standardizes the cleaning process.

Specifically it addresses:

  • Desired cleanliness
  • Recommendations on monitoring and inspecting cleanliness
  • How to measure success and what to do with results data
  • Recommendations for increasing scores to desired level
  • Support material for educating staff and students on general hygiene

With super bugs and resistant influenza pandemics reaching headlines weekly it is critical that we take a serious approach to the cleanliness of our schools and the indoor air quality.  Research supports a proactive approach with improved hygiene in schools resulting in reduced illnesses and absenteeism, improved learning  and overall improved productivity.  It is no surprise that when children and teachers are feeling healthy they tend to learn and teach at a higher level.

school cleaningGator Cleaning Solutions uses tools such as, “Facility Cleaning and Disinfectant Checklists” and “Classroom Cleaning Area Guide” as tools to help partner with schools and their custodial staff in keeping the facilities clean.  We typically supplement the daytime staff with disinfection and pm cleaning.  We also work with teacher/student breaks to take advantage of deep cleaning and floor care while the facilities are unoccupied.  We feel an all hands on deck-working together approach has great results in keeping a healthy, clean school!

If you would like more information about school cleaning program please call
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Fight Bugs Before They Arrive

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:35 am

antsNo one wants bugs where they live or work, but insect infestations can occur practically anywhere. To avoid them, or to prevent their return, a professional level of cleaning may be called for in certain areas.

Bugs are drawn to areas for different reasons, seeking substance from our leftover crumbs, or just looking for an ideal spot to build a home. The best approach to stopping their invasion is eliminating what they like about the space. Continue reading

Bringing Serious Clean to Kitchens

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:41 am

kitchenKitchens often present a unique challenge for businesses. Their cleanliness and sanitation is crucial to keeping food safe and people healthy. Whether your kitchen is a small office workspace, or a bustling restaurant serving hundreds, sometimes an industrial level of cleaning is called for.

Only proper cleaning solutions should be used for this sensitive space, with a watchful eye for bringing just the right tools to the challenge. The well-trained and knowledgeable staffers at Gator Cleaning can return your kitchen to top working order in no time. Continue reading

Reduce Liability with a Cleaner Office Space

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:26 am

cleaning crewDid you know that having a cleaner office space can actually reduce the risk of liability where you work?

Many workplace injuries are caused by people falling down, it’s a common risk at just about any job site. When people do fall, it’s most frequently from one of two causes: clutter or a slippery surface. Continue reading

Fight Allergy Season in Advance

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:17 am

adult allergiesOne modern certainty of office work, whether in a warehouse or a cubicle, is how much allergies can impact productivity.

A couple of times of year, allergen level spike outdoors and employee’s responses can typically go off the chart. This often means lost efficiency at best, and even missed work from suffering staffers.

There are a number of ways an office can combat the allergy situation, both during those dreaded spike periods, but also leading up to allergy season. Continue reading

Clean Schools Important to a Positive Learning Environment

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:16 am

school chairsNot only are clean schools healthy for student’s bodies; they also may be healthy for their minds at well. A study conducted by APPA’s Center for Facilities Research, researching the correlation between cleanliness and learning. Almost 1,500 students were surveyed on their opinions regarding cleanliness and their ability to learn and concentrate, specifically relating to a positive learning environment. The study concluded: Continue reading

Bring the Sparkle Back to Your Tile

Posted by: Erin Meyer 11:16 pm

tile cleaningWhen tile is first installed, it is beautiful, shiny and even easy to clean. Unfortunately, over time, that beautiful tile can become outlined by dingy grout that becomes discolored and stained. Once this discoloration happens, it usually will take more than just elbow grease to get grout back to its original color. However, there are a few tricks that can be used to get that grout and tile looking like new again.

Natural Grout Cleaners

There are several household items that can work as natural cleaning products to get grout clean. Although there are many chemical cleaners on the market, these natural products often work just as well, with less harm to the home and environment. Continue reading

Bathroom Floors: Proper Cleaning for Optimal Results

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:14 am

bathroom floorOne of the most crucial areas for cleanliness and hygienic conditions in any facility is the restroom, and improperly cleaned bathroom floors can affect overall perceptions dramatically. Even if plumbing fixtures are clean and garbage cans are empty, a floor which appears to be dirty can make the entire room seem unclean. In order to keep your bathroom floors clean and sparkling, it’s imperative for janitorial staff and contracted cleaners to use the proper cleaning methods. Continue reading

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:09 am

eco friendly cleaningNot enough stress has been placed on the importance of the use of environment friendly cleaning products and solutions in commercial cleaning services. The proper information has not yet reached the commercial level when it comes to using natural solutions to office or other forms of commercial cleaning. Your employees, and consumers can view it as a considerate gesture by the business owner by looking after their wellbeing.

Safe Products Are Not a Fad

Unfortunately, it has been viewed by many businesses using commercial cleaning services, that the use of natural cleaning solutions is a trend or a fad that has been unsuccessfully adapted by some bored housewives. This belief could not be further from the truth, as the test of time has resulted heavily in favor of natural and environment friendly cleaning solutions. Many natural cleaning products and solutions that are currently on the market have been proven to offer a thorough, and efficient clean that also provides the ability to exceptionally disinfect. Continue reading

Going Green: Making the Switch to Environmentally Friendly Practices

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:15 am

green cleaningThe face of the modern business world is changing rapidly, with more emphasis than ever before on the adoption of low-impact, earth-friendly practices. The decision to go green comes with a wide variety of benefits, from helping to protect the environment to providing a safer, healthier place for staff and building occupants.

Common chemicals found in traditional cleaning solutions have been found to cause skin irritation and respiratory damage, not just for cleaning staff but also for the occupants of buildings where these chemicals are used. Moving towards a greener cleaning plan allows you to remove those harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals from your property and to opt for safer, equally effective alternatives. Continue reading