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A+ in School Cleaning

Posted by: Erin Meyer 3:00 am

Having a plan and following that plan can simply have great impact in keeping a school

Keeping schools clean

Keeping schools clean

clean and healthy.  Gator Cleaning Solutions uses the ISSA Standard for measuring the effectiveness of cleaning in K-12 Schools.  These guidelines  are an effective way to standardize the cleaning process and empowers facility and maintenance teams to monitor, measure and maintain a clean environment for better learning. This approach uses objective measures along with traditional means in creating a tool that standardizes the cleaning process.

Specifically it addresses:

  • Desired cleanliness
  • Recommendations on monitoring and inspecting cleanliness
  • How to measure success and what to do with results data
  • Recommendations for increasing scores to desired level
  • Support material for educating staff and students on general hygiene

With super bugs and resistant influenza pandemics reaching headlines weekly it is critical that we take a serious approach to the cleanliness of our schools and the indoor air quality.  Research supports a proactive approach with improved hygiene in schools resulting in reduced illnesses and absenteeism, improved learning  and overall improved productivity.  It is no surprise that when children and teachers are feeling healthy they tend to learn and teach at a higher level.

school cleaningGator Cleaning Solutions uses tools such as, “Facility Cleaning and Disinfectant Checklists” and “Classroom Cleaning Area Guide” as tools to help partner with schools and their custodial staff in keeping the facilities clean.  We typically supplement the daytime staff with disinfection and pm cleaning.  We also work with teacher/student breaks to take advantage of deep cleaning and floor care while the facilities are unoccupied.  We feel an all hands on deck-working together approach has great results in keeping a healthy, clean school!

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Going Green: Making the Switch to Environmentally Friendly Practices

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:15 am

green cleaningThe face of the modern business world is changing rapidly, with more emphasis than ever before on the adoption of low-impact, earth-friendly practices. The decision to go green comes with a wide variety of benefits, from helping to protect the environment to providing a safer, healthier place for staff and building occupants.

Common chemicals found in traditional cleaning solutions have been found to cause skin irritation and respiratory damage, not just for cleaning staff but also for the occupants of buildings where these chemicals are used. Moving towards a greener cleaning plan allows you to remove those harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals from your property and to opt for safer, equally effective alternatives. Continue reading

Green Cleaning and Restroom Maintenance

Posted by: Erin Meyer 7:15 am

bathroomRestroom maintenance is an ongoing problem for many facilities managers, and as interest in green cleaning grows, use of harsh chemicals becomes a less popular choice. Confronting the perennial issue of restroom maintenance and the rapidly growing demand for environmentally-friendly cleaning choices can be accomplished relatively easily, in one fell swoop. By moving to a green cleaning regimen for bathroom maintenance, you can address restroom maintenance needs in a manner which is safe for visitors, staff members and the environment as a whole. Continue reading