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It doesn’t take a Phd to recognize the importance of a quality school cleaning program and the inherent challenges of keeping a school clean and healthy.  School facility managers inschool cleaning tampa every city across the nation struggle daily with keeping the school clean so that students have a safe and optimal learning environment.  As we start the new school year you might be feeling right on track due to the summer  maintenance schedule going as planned or maybe the summer program fell a bit short and your playing catch up while students pile in for the first few weeks of school.  If you take a look at your current school cleaning service what grade would you give them?  A+ then keep them around and maybe pat them on the back and say thanks for giving it your all!  Maybe its a B or C+ and your not really sure what exactly they do each evening but the school cleaning service isn’t to your satisfaction.  Hopefully your not struggling with a Failing service that leaves your staff to pick up the pieces after the service is complete.

If your school doesn’t represent the image and healthy environment that you expect then school floor cleaningit may be time to contact Gator Cleaning Solutions at 813-929-1122 and sit down to talk about what your facility needs are and how we can help you accomplish an outstanding facility program.  Gator Cleaning Solutions has been partnering with schools in Tampa Bay area for more then a decade and pride ourselves in customizing maintenance programs for school that not only keep the school clean and healthy but also maximize difficult budgets to be sure we stretch every dollar to create a valuable service.  Take the quiz below to see what grade your school cleaning program would receive!

1. My School Cleaning program is…

a.  Excellent and each morning we walk in to a clean facility that smells fresh.

b. Ok but wish they would pay more attention to the restrooms and cafeteria floors

c. Not great in fact we have to re-clean after they are done to be sure kids are safe

IF your answer is b or c then getting a free consultation regarding your school cleaning needs is in order.  No harm in checking out what there is to offer from local service providers.

2. Does your School Cleaning do their Due Diligence?

a. I have insurance documents, references and backgrounds check of all service

Keeping schools clean

Keeping schools clean

technicians in my school

b. I have insurance documents but don’t have references and not sure about the level of background screening from my school cleaning service providers

c. My School cleaning service providers have not provided any documentation regarding their company or technicians

IF you answer is b or c then you should immediately request the following documents: Accord document naming your school as and additional insured for both general liability and workers comp with limits exceeding $1,000,000, copy of  their bond, Professional references of 3-5 other similar facilities (Be sure to make the call and check) and a background check policy that is similar or exceeds the school district recommendations.  Student safety should be the highest priority.  If your school cleaning services provider cannot supply you with these minimal document then you need to look elsewhere.

3.  What services does your janitorial services company provide?

a. My school cleaning services company also provides my floor care program and works within our academic calendar to be sure we take advantage of students and staff being out for breaks and summer.

b. My school cleaning services company offers floor care services but I have a hard time getting it all scheduled according to our academic calendar.

C. I have two or three different vendors that I work with for janitorial services and floor care services.

IF you answer b or c you may want to rethink your current service.  It is important to office cleaning tampahave a service provider you can count on and provides a one stop resource for your facility needs. Comprehensive services are a big bonus for school cleaning.  Floors are a significant part of school maintenance and the cleaning services should work closely with the floor program to ensure proper maintenance.

4. School Cleaning Response Time

a. My school cleaning services company is always here when I need them and only a quick phone call away. They are a great resource and we value our partnership!

b. It takes my school cleaning services company a week to respond and sometime I have to call two or three times.

c. My school cleaning service company does not respond unless I threaten to cancel services or stop paying the invoices.

IF you answer b or c then it’s time to rethink your current service provider.  At Gator cleaning schools tampaCleaning Solutions we have a 30 minute guaranteed response time and often we are reachable on the first ring of the phone.  We work hard to be the best resource for our clients.

Efficient school cleaning plays a large role in keeping a healthy learning environment and community for students of all ages. Hundreds and often thousands of children and adults are in a single environment for hours at a time, day after day. The expanding data has painted a very clear picture as to how important a clean safe environment is to productive learning. Gator Cleaning Solutions is committed to finding the most safe and proven products and procedures to fit each customers needs.

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Office Cleaning- Winning with Customer Service

Posted by: Erin Meyer 3:51 pm

The most important indicator of the success of a commercial cleaning business ismedical cleaning tampa customer satisfaction over time. As business owners we have to understand when we are meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers and when we are not. Only when we have reliable feedback can we determine if our customers are happy with their service or adjust to meet their needs in a more productive way.

So how do we win this ongoing and ever changing battle for customer satisfaction? First, we visit often and make it clear we want an honest appraisal of how the client feels about the services they are getting. Have things changed in any way? Are there additional services that can be provided? Are you making yourself flexible and accessible on a regular basis. Many cleaning companies make regular visits to clients to elicit feedback but this should not be the only way you obtain information from clients about the quality of your service.

Provide a well-planned and well-constructed survey to solicit feedback. Unfortunately a typical survey typically gets only a 2 to five percent response and that is not enough to provide reliable feedback. There are some ways to improve this response rate including:

office cleaning tampaSurveys should be short enough to be manageable and specific enough to address individual businesses and clients. If you routinely clean medical facilities and schools and other types of offices, create a survey for each of those types of facilities and that will make it more likely clients will respond.

Do not send surveys more than once a year since research tells us such surveys creates negative responses. The flip side of this is that surveys sent out just once a year may not pinpoint problems in a timely manner so critical response time may be provided.

The most exciting and innovative way to better obtain client feedback is through the use of technology. Some web based systems to solicit and record feedback are being used to really open up lines of communication without face to face meetings that can be time consuming and hard to maintain. Clients receive one question a day and the system analyzes the feedback immediately, this gives managers time to respond very quickly to concerns and grow customer satisfaction. These programs are available and might be very worth the cost as it cuts down on instances where a quick response will save an account and better service clients.

Gator Cleaning Solutions will use every tool available to maintain and grow customer satisfaction since it is our overriding priority as we serve the needs of our valuable clients. Call us for a free estimate.

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